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Cecchetti Classical Ballet competitions are noted for their friendly, 'family' atmosphere. It is in this environment that Cecchetti students are encouraged to demonstrate their performing and choreographic skills in a number of competitions.

The Mabel Ryan Awards

Mabel Ryan, a pupil of Maestro Cecchetti, was a much loved and respected teacher. A great deal of her work was concerned with children for whom she had a deep love and understanding. The Mabel Ryan Awards were instigated in an endeavour to perpetuate her memory. Started initially in London, a number of area awards now take place in various parts of the country.

The entry qualification is as follows (ages are as at 1st March of the year of the competition):

Lower Junior - under 10 years: candidates must have passed Grades 1or 2 only (not higher) with a result of 70% or above in their highest grade and be under 10 years of age.

Lower Junior - age 10 years & under 13 years: candidates must have passed Grades 2 or 3 only (not higher) with a result of 70% or above in their highest grade and be age 10 years and under 13 years.

Junior: candidates must have passed Grade 4 and be under 13 years of age.

Middle: candidates must have passed Grade 5 and be under 15 years of age.

Senior: candidates must have passed Grade 6 and be under 17 years of age.

Barbara Geoghegan Award

This award was created in 1998 to honour Barbara Geoghegan in recognition of her devotion to the promotion of the Cecchetti Method over many years. The award is a bronze figure of a Ballet dancer which is held by the winner for one year.

Candidates attend an unset class at Intermediate level, which takes place on the day of the Mabel Ryan Awards held in February/March in London each year. There is choice of set variations for both boys and girls, or a variation of the competitor's choice. The award is open to students, male and female, who hold an Intermediate certificate (or above) in the Cecchetti Method, are 16 and under 21 years old on 31st August of the year of entry and who attend vocational or non vocational schools.

Contact the organiser, Judith Wilson. Tel: 01732 356388.

Cecchetti Southern Area Awards

The Award is held in the South East of England, usually in late March or early April. It has the specific aim of encouraging children who are only able to attend one Ballet class each week, known as the 'once a week' child.

There are four sections. Junior competitors show a set dance. Both the Middle sections and the Seniors show the set classwork and a longer 'solo' enchainment. The Vacani and Molly Caulder Awards for Joy of Dance are adjudicated during the Lower Middle and Upper Middle sections respectively.

The entry qualification is as follows:

Junior – age 7 and under 9, guide level Standard 1

Lower Middle – age 9 and under 11, guide level Standard 2 (no Grade 4 or higher)

Upper Middle – age 11 and under 14, guide level Standards 3 & 4 (no Grade 6 or higher)

Senior – age 14 and under 17, guide level Standards 5 & 6 (no Inter Foundation or higher)

All Scholars, Cecchetti and Royal Ballet Associates, those taking part in the London Cecchetti Children's and Mabel Ryan Awards and children attending vocational schools are not eligible to enter this competition.

Contact the CSAA Co-organiser, tel: 07583 143 895.

Cecchetti Northern Area Awards

These awards are currently undergoing a review.

Contact Tracey Moss. Tel: 077703 186000

Cecchetti Wales and the West Area Awards

These awards are held in January each year.

Contact Carol Goode. Tel: 01633 771830

Choreographic Competition

This competition is usually held in late November each year at a venue in London. The aim is to give young dancers studying the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet an opportunity to show their talents as choreographers and performers. There are three sections and each section is sub-divided into solos, duets and groups.

The entry qualifications for each section are as follows:

• Junior - aged 7 to 10 years

• Middle - aged 11 to 13 years

• Senior - aged 14 to 16 years

Contact the organiser, Wendy Mitchel. Tel: 01992 812781.