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Downloadable documents for DDI and DDE

If you have any questions relating to any of the information listed below, please contact Gemma Bridge gbridge@istd.org

To download PDFs of the new syllabi please click on the following links:

ISTD Level 3 DDI Syllabus

ISTD Level 4 DDE Syllabus

To download the genre specific supplementary sheets in PDF format for the DDI and DDE Unit 4 Dance Practice and the Relationship between Music and Dance in a Chosen Dance Genre, please click on the links below:



Cecchetti Classical Ballet 

Cecchetti Classical Ballet 

Classical Greek 

Classical Greek 

Classical Sequence (coming soon)

Classical Sequence (not available)


Disco/Freestyle  (not available)

Imperial Classical Ballet 

Imperial Classical Ballet 

Latin American

Latin American (not available)

Modern Ballroom (coming soon)

Modern Ballroom (not available)

Modern Theatre 

Modern Theatre 



Classical Indian Dance

Classical Indian Dance (not available)




Distance Learning Tutors

Distance Learning Tutors can offer support to learners with the written units of the DDI and DDE.  They should be contacted directly as they are independent from the ISTD and any arrangement regarding fees is strictly between the learner and the Tutor.

To download a pdf of the list of Distance Learning Tutors available, please click on the following link

Distance Learning Tutor for DDI & DDE written units (updated July 2015)


DDI/DDE Learner Registration Form


The DDI/DDE Learner Registration Form must first be completed by the learner and then submitted to their chosen ADC. Please note that the ISTD will not accept any registrations which have not signed off by the relevant ADC. For further information concerning the ULN and the Personal Learner Record, see our UK Examinations section.

To download a pdf of the DDI/DDE Learner Registration Form (Version 3, November 2012), please click on the following link. 

DDI/DDE Learner Registration Form (Version 3, November 2012)


DDI/DDE Submission Fees

As of 1st September 2012, a 2% handling charge will be applicable to all card payments made through the Education & Training Department. Payments by cheque and by bank transfer will not be subject to any handling charge. 

Payment charges applicable for DDI Units 3 and 4 and DDE Units 2 and 4 may vary. Please contact the UK Examinations Department or the International Examinations Department for further information.

To download a pdf or Word document of the Pound Sterling or Euro DDI/DDE Submission Fees, please click on the relevant link. If your ADC is based in Italy or Greece, please contact Gemma Bridge for the Fees Sheet specific to your country.


DDI/DDE Submission Fees Sheet 2016 (Pounds Sterling) Word

DDI/DDE Submission Fees Sheet 2016 (Pounds Sterling) PDF

DDI/DDE Submission Fees Sheet 2016 (Euros) Word

DDI/DDE Submission Fees Sheet 2016 (Euros) PDF