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Continuing Professional Development

Level 5 CPD Courses

Would you like to increase your knowledge as a dance teacher and continue your professional development (CPD)?  Have you considered enrolling upon the ISTD Level 6 Diploma in Dance Pedagogy (DDP) but would prefer to ‘test the water’ before diving right in?  If so -  read on! 

The ISTD is delighted to offer members a brand new opportunity to study a percentage of the Level 6 DDP in the form of two CPD courses: Level 5 Health and Safety and Level 5 Lifespan Development and Learning in Dance. 

Participants are welcome to attend as many or as few of the four training days constituting each course.  All sessions will take place during weekends at ISTD2 Dance Studios (London) at a cost of only £60 per day. 

Additional Benefits:

If all four training days of a course are attended there is an option of assessment to earn 30 credits at level 5 towards the Level 6 DDP or the BA (Hons) in Professional Practice through Middlesex University.   Additional assessment fees apply. 


Level 5 Health and Safety in Dance  Session Date
Day 1  Session 1 - Understanding Health and Safety from a legal and teaching perspective Saturday 22nd March 2014
Session 2 - Physical fitness and training in relation to dance learning
Day 2 Session 3 – Principles of training and prevention of burn-out Saturday 17th May 2014
Session 4- An understanding of injury and preventative measures
Day 3 Session 5 - An awareness of common clinical conditions Sunday 18th May 2014 
  Session 6 - Meeting the needs of the dancer with disabilities
Day 4 Session 7 - Strategies for promoting the psychological health of dancers Sunday 27th July 2014
  Session 8- An understanding of the symptoms of eating disorders in dancers
Optional Level 5 Health and Safety in Dance Assessment Assignment Deadlines September and December TBC


Level 5 Lifespan Development and Learning in Dance Session Date
Day 1  Session 1 - Introduction to lifespan development Sunday 23rd February 2014
Session 2 - Key physical and cognitive features of development from conception to infancy and through early childhood, adolescence and adulthood
Session 3 - Relating changes in physical and cognitive development to the growth of the brain
Day 2 Session 4 - Key social and emotional features of development through early childhood, middle/late childhood, adolescence and adulthood Sunday 13th April 2014
Session 5 - Relating changes in emotional and social development to the growth of the brain
Session 6 - Memory and Learning
Day 3 Session 7 - Motivation and Learning Saturday 31st May 2014
Session 8 - Understanding difference and how this impacts on dance learning
 Day 4  Session 9 - The importance of creativity in dance learning Sunday 1st June 2014
Session 10 - The contribution dance learning makes to the development of life skills and transferable skills
 Optional Level 5 Lifespan Development and Learning in Dance Assessment  Assignment Deadlines June TBC


The next steps:

To book a place, please download the booking form and return it to the Education and Training department. by email coursebookings@istd.org or telephone 020 7377 1577.



Emergency First Aid at Work

Knowing what to do in a first aid situation is vitally important. Providing basic first aid and acting promptly could make all the difference to someone who is taken ill or injured.

This one day Emergency First Aid training course is offered by the ISTD in conjunction with our external providers.  The course is specially created for people working in low-risk environments and provides delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to act safely and calmly in emergency situations. 

This highly successful course has been well attended by a variety of ISTD members and non-members ranging from fully fledged dance teachers to receptionists at dance schools.  When we asked participants to describe the most useful aspects of the training they highlighted the importance of taking the opportunity to practice key first aid skills such as CPR and learn the correct first response to common dance injuries such as sprains and fractures.  Attendees left the course feeling prepared and confident in their ability to assist in an emergency.

As part of the course, delegates will benefit from hands-on practical training.  Delegates are advised to wear comfortable, casual clothes as there is a requirement to sit/kneel on the studio floor for some of the practical exercises.

Upcoming training dates:

Date Venue


Sunday 26th October 2014 ISTD2 Dance Studios, 346 Old Street, London, EC1V 9NQ

10:30 - 17:00

Emergency First Aid at Work - London Booking Form

To book or ask a question, please telephone or email coursebookings@istd.org