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Imperial Classical Ballet

The roots of Imperial Classical Ballet stem from the early days of the ISTD and the first written syllabus in 1913 which was based on the teaching of the French School from the Paris Opéra. The syllabus has now evolved to promote the English classical style and address the changing needs of Ballet dancers today.

Syllabus outline

Download the Imperial Classical Ballet syllabus from the theatre dance syllabus page.

Amendments to Examinations

Please note the following amendments to examinations worldwide from September 2015:

Fellowship Examination

The examiners will no longer be specifying the vocabulary to be coached in Part 1, the candidate’s class. Candidates will teach a free class, coaching and teaching elements of their choice at Advanced 2 level.

Intermediate Examination

Girls have the choice of dancing either the girl’s Set Petite Batterie Exercise OR the boy’s Set Petite Batterie Exercise, to the girl’s set music in 2/4 time.

Click here for Changes to Licentiate and Fellowship Entry and Requirements (with effect from January 2016)

DVD of the Set Dances and Variations

The new DVD of the Imperial Classical Ballet Syllabus Dances and Variations is now available from the Sales Department at ISTD HQ, priced £30. Please visit www.istd.org/shop.

Faculty Newsletter

A Faculty newsletter, 'Imperial Ballet Info', is published twice a year in February and August, to keep teachers up-to-date iwth courses, facutly events, syllabus matters and general information. This is available to teachers by email or post for the small fee of £5 annually. If you are interested in receiving this publication, please contact the Faculty Secretary.


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ISTD-Imperial-Ballet-History-1The ISTD celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2014

Download a fascinating new history of the Imperial Classical Ballet Faculty, written to mark the occasion.

If you would like to find out more about ISTD history you can order your copy of 100 Years of Dance from our online shop.







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