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Calling all Ballroom & Classical Inventors

Calling all Ballroom & Classical Inventors

25 June 2014

Diana Wykes announces the 2015 ISTD Inventive Dance Competition.

Do you have a flare for making small routines for your pupils to help them learn and practice figures? Why not put the little gems they enjoy dancing into a 16-Bar Sequence? Investigate
the possibilities around a specially loved fi gure perhaps and challenge yourself to allow it to repeat without hitch or contrive. Choose inspiring music (must be in 16-bar phrasing).
There is quite a lot of music in Sequence if you look within your collection.

In February 2015 the ISTD Inventive Dance Competition will have two sections: Modern and Classical. The dance does not have to be complicated or advanced, although it can be, and you do not have to restrict yourself to syllabus figures. 

The classical dances consist of ones with turned-out feet and with parallel feet. If you are not so familiar with classical work look at these dances: one of most lovely is the saunter, as beautiful as any foxtrot with subtle rise and fall. The Classical Tango differs from its modern counterpart by not having the unique CMBP stance. All classical dances have the freedom of changes of hold – side positions, shadow, open – to name a few, to add to your ingenuity.

If you win, you receive a money prize, teach your dance to the assembled company on the day, have your name preserved as inventor of your dance, receive a huge trophy on which to
engrave your name and have your photograph in the magazine.

Writing the script is another skill to collect along this route. Have a look at the website of rockbank Lane, the sequence script service company, for an example of script layout and a template: www.brockbanklane.com – Reference – Sequence Script Template. You can also contact our Secretary, Katherine Costain on 07889 562931.

Please don’t restrict yourself to one dance! Make the trip worthwhile and enter a few dances in each section. You will dance each one with a partner for a few rounds if you are lucky enough to reach the fi nal. Any member of the Committee will be happy to give guidance, or talk to past winners if you have not ventured this way before. Entries with script need to be sent off in January 2015. I hope you enjoy the challenge.
Diana Wykes 

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