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Classical Greek Dance Festival

Classical Greek Dance Festival

1 October 2013

Chris Hocking reports on his experience adjudicating at this year’s event

The Classical Greek Festival was held at the Hawthorne Theatre in Welwyn Garden City, which is a great venue not only for the dancers but also for the audience. It was such a privilege to adjudicate this prestigious event, showing the cream of Greek Festival dancers.

The extremely high level of technical work, musicality and connection to the ideals of Classical Greek Dance was a pleasure to watch from beginning to end. The use of all the styles and varied choices of music made this exhibition of excellence a real challenge to adjudicate, but at the same time a joyful and humbling experience.

There were wonderfully inventive designs and choreography in the groups with winning performances from Mayhew School of Dancing in both the Junior and Intermediate sections, whilst the senior groups were won by Dupont Dance Stage School. The Group Choreography section was won by a truly gripping and spectacular performance of An Imposter Wears The Crown, from Ambitions Dance Company. Stand-out performances in the Trio/Quartets came from Imogen Pohl, Daisy Cohen and Victoria Curness, who represented Buckhurst Hill School of Dance. In the Duets class Kathleen Brenner and Sophie Dipper from The Sue Merrett School of Dance performed Lyssa – Goddess of Madness and Frenzy with passion and clean technical execution.

The four winning solo dances – Joy performed by Caitlin Godfrey (nine years and under) from Dupont Dance Stage School, Artemis danced by Isabella Parsell (10–12 years) from Jacqui Ison Theatre Arts, A Call To Arms danced by William Lewis (13–15 years) and Exhilaration danced by Natasha Jelley (16 years and over) both from Dupont Dance Stage School – all danced with attention to detail, freedom of movement and excellent musicality. However, I would like to congratulate all the dancers who competed in this exciting and very well supported event. The standard of teaching from all the schools who came from all over the UK and the Channel Islands demonstrated such dedication and passion for Greek Dance and this slick and professionally run festival should be in everyone’s diary for next year.

Chris Hocking


Classical Greek Dance Festival Finals Results


9 years and under

1st: Caitlin Godfrey, Joy (Dupont Dance Stage School)

2nd: Amelia Hudson, The New Ball (Guernsey Classical Greek)

3rd: Tristan Hayden, Hermes (Roshe School of Dancing)

10 – 12 years

1st: Isabella Parsell, Artemis (Jaqui Ison School of Dance)

2nd: Erin Dallas, Winter (Redhurst Schools of Dance)

3rd: Amelia Hawksby, Caught in the Breeze (Kilburn School of Dance)

13 – 15 years

1st: William Lewis, A Call to Arms (Dupont Dance Stage School)

2nd: Lucy Bramley, Utopia (Dupont Dance Stage School) and 2nd: Lucy Renouf, The Prayer (Roshe School of Dancing)

3rd: Bethany Cave, The Maenad

16 years and over

1st: Natasha Jelley, Exhilaration (Dupont Dance Stage School)

2nd: Bethany Jackson, Strike the Tambour (Kilburn School of Dance)

3rd: Kirsty Ingram, Electric Storm


10 years and under

1st: Topaz Alger and Mia Knight, Holly and Ivy (Mayhew School of Dance)

2nd: Sam O’Keefe and Molly Barnes, Moth and Flame

3rd: Amelia Adams and Lidia Slominski, Poppies (Sue Merrett School of Dance)

11 – 14 years

1st: Cerise Bedder and Elyshia Birtles, To the River Flows (Dupont Dance Stage School)

2nd: Lucy Bramley and Tilli Orton, Reflections (Dupont Dance Stage School)

3rd: Jennie Brenner and Grace Dipper, Homage to Alcyone (Sue Merrett School of Dance)

15 – 18 years

1st: Kathleen Brenner and Sophie Dipper, Lyssa – Godess of Madness and Frenzy (Sue Merrett School of Dance)

2nd: Natasha Jelley and Fern Quinn, Bacchanale (Dupont Dance Stage School)

3rd: Maisey Hodges and Ruth Murphy, Athena and Medusa (Mayhew School of Dancing)


10 years and under

1st: Imogen Pohl, Daisy Cohen and Victoria Curness, Angels in Training (Buckhurst Hill and Woodford School of Dancing)

2nd: Bethany Appleton, Niamh Herbert and Georgia Mackness, Moonbeams (Mayhew School of Dancing)

3rd: Zoe Bennett, Amber Cook and Natalie Ronco, Nymphs of Hermes

11 – 14 years

1st: Isobel Knight, Tilli Orton and Morganna Byworth, Tempus Fugit (Dupont Dance Stage School)

2nd: Victoria Reeves, Lucy Atkinson, Georgette Fletcher and Catherine Hagerman, Maenads Revels go Awry (Guernsey Classical Greek)

3rd: Savannah Ffrench, Maria Telnikoff and Rhiannon Walls, The Blessing (Dupont Dance Stage School)

15 – 18 years

1st: Natasha Jelley, Fern Quinn and Tara Cox, Fountain Niaids (Dupont Dance Stage School)

2nd: Kathleen Brenner, Stephanie Day and Sophie Dipper, The Vines of Bacchus (Sue Merrett School of Dance)

3rd: Francesca Colletti, Phoebe Woolley, Megan Peters and Olivia Stitson, Darkness before the Dawn (Redhurst Schools of Dancing)



1st: From Dawn to Dusk (Mayhew School of Dance)

2nd: For the Fallen (Academy Dance) 3rd: Gentle Breezes (Dupont Dance Stage School)


1st: The Glory of Greece (Mayhew School Of Dance)

2nd: Athena (Jaqui Ison School of Dance) 3rd: Olympic Dreams (Yasmin Taylor Academy)


1st: Bladerunner (Dupont Dance Stage School)

2nd: Avatar (Kilburn School of Dance)

3rd: Bushfire (Academy Dance), and 3rd: The Pleiades (Mayhew School of Dance)


1st: An Imposter wears the Crown (Ambitions Dance Company)

2nd: Paidomazoma (Guernsey Classical Greek)

3rd: River Styx (Roshe School of Dancing)

Special Awards

The Doris McBride Trophy

Most inspiring use of Greek ideals and Technique: Paidomazoma, Guernsey Classical Greek (Group Choreography)

The Nancy Sherwood Trophy

Entry which best portrays a subject from nature: Moth and Flame, Sam O’Keefe and Molly Barnes (Duets 10 years and under)

The Rosina Wenham Shield

Most memorable performance other than winners of a section: Athena (Jaqui Ison School of Dance) (Intermediate Groups)

The Freda Crockett Costume Award

Most appropriate costume: Medussa, Anastasia Sum (Solos 13 – 15 years)

The Irene Mawer Trophy

Most dramatic performance: Pandora, Redhurst Schools (Intermediate Groups)

Helen Wingrave Musicality Trophies

Girls solo 9 and under

Amelia Hudson, The New Ball (Guernsey Classical Greek)

Girls solo 10 – 12 years

Isabella Parsell, Artemis (Jaqui Ison School of Dance)

Girls solo 13 – 15 years

Kathleen Brenner, Thysa, Goddess of Bacchic Revels (Sue Merrett School of Dance)

Girls solo 16 and over

Bethany Jackson, Strike the Tambour (Kilburn School of Dance)

Junior Boys Trophy

Tristan Hayden, Hermes (Roshe School of Dancing)

Senior Boys Trophy

William Lewis, A Call to Arms (Dupont Dance Stage School)


Photo caption: Outstanding performances at the Classical Greek Dance Festival Finals 2013

Photo credit: Sophie Cox 

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