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Marjorie Davies Star Tap Awards 2014

Marjorie Davies Star Tap Awards 2014

23 June 2014

Julie Headford reports on a sunny day of tap artistry and performance

What a lovely day it was on 4th May 2014 – the sun shone bright in the sky, whilst inside Cecil Sharpe House the competitors in the Marjorie Davies Star Tap Awards, shone even brighter!
I can’t tell you that there was inspiring choreography, intricate clear beats, creativity, artistry and performances showcasing the ISTD Tap Faculty because I wasn’t in the audience that swelled to fill the hall by the end of the day.

But, I know there was because I heard the adjudicators say so. “I wouldn’t mind paying £60 in the West End to watch a performance like that!” Alan Burkitt told one elated competitor. Let’s hope she can hold him to that in the future!

Kylie Cruikshanks, Bill Deamer and Alan Burkitt with Premier section award winners Paddy Hurlings (L )Myra Tiffin centre and Jackie Hayward( R) with the Senior section winners Tara Holland, Junior section

Instead, I was one of the happy band of examiners helping Caroline Lavelle with the organisation of the event. So, I can tell you that, thanks to Caroline’s preparations and non-stop effort, together with the tireless support of the examiners, the day ran smoothly and effectively.

I can also tell you there was a warm, encompassing atmosphere throughout the day, which is not always the case where competition is involved. Waiting with the competitors as they prepared to perform their solos, it was heart-warming to listen as students from different schools and different parts of the country chatted about their nerves, their fears and their lives, offering support to each other, united in their love of dance. Only a few were presented with awards at the end of the day, but they were all winners.

Julie Headford

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