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British Dance Council - dress rules

British Dance Council - dress rules

25 July 2011

Press Release from the British Dance Council on Dress Rules. Released 25th July 2011.

25th July 2011


Please be aware that the British Dance Council Dress Rules as listed in the BDC Rule Book
Rule 54, in Appendix 4 of the Rule Book with photographs on the BDC Website must be
adhered to by Organisers, competitors, adjudicators and chairmen of adjudicators at
competitions and championships run under BDC rules.

Should Dress Making Companies make non-regulation dresses, if the customer has asked
for a dress to conform to these rules and it does not do so, there could be a legal claim for
Breach of Contract against the dressmaker if the dress was found to not comply with the
BDC Rules.

There have been complaints that in some competitions/championships the rules are not
being properly applied and adhered to. Organisers, adjudicators and chairman of
adjudicators are required to uphold the rules laid down in the rulebook, competitors infringing
the rules may result in disqualification.

Please be aware that the rules will be enforced and that everyone must accept their

Yours sincerely,

Download the full press release.

Visit the BDC website for more information.



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