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Application for Reasonable Adjustments

24 April 2019

Policy and Procedures - 76kb DOC

Download the ISTD Application for Reasonable Adjustments

Applications for Reasonable Adjustments and the General Data Protection regulations – April 2019

Changes in data protection means that the information we need to be sent to us in order to make any reasonable adjustment, including just informing the examiner of any medical condition, is regarded as sensitive data under the new GDPR Regulations.
This means that we need the candidate’s signed consent if they are over 16, or the parent’s/carer’s signed consent for a child – NOT yours as the teacher. Application forms have been redesigned to include this, and we must reject them if not properly signed.

The permission is for us to hold the data for as long as necessary including time for any potential appeal, and to convey it securely to the examiner. We will securely destroy the information when no longer required, but may hold anonymised data to be aggregated for reports and analysis.

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