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How to register

A step-by-step guide to registering on dance-teachers.org

dance-teachers.org is dedicated to promoting ISTD teachers across the globe. All fully paid up members of the ISTD are eligible to register on the site and that means you have access to all the benefits that go hand-in-hand with being marketed to a global audience.

Since it launched in March 2008, dance-teachers.org has attracted almost 35,000 visitors from 132 countries and has over 1,500 trained ISTD teachers listed. So, if you haven’t registered yet, make sure you do so soon to take advantage of this free promotional membership service.

If you have any questions regarding this process or for further information regarding the site itself please contact trainingofficer@istd.org.

Registration is a simple six-step process, which is as follows:

Step 1 – Register your personal details

Go to the site (www.dance-teachers.org) and click on Register in the top right hand corner of the screen. Now you simply need to complete the personal data required such (membership number, name etc.) and once complete, click the Next button at the bottom right hand side of the screen

Step 2 – Address displayed on profile

The next step asks you for the address you would like displayed on your website profile – this is important as the search mechanism works from these details. It also asks for your membership address and if both addresses are the same there is a short cut to copy these. Once complete, click Next.

Step 3 – Teaching qualifications

Step 3 asks you to complete the teaching qualifications you hold with the ISTD in the genres you hold them. There are two tabs; one for Theatre genres and one for Dancesport. Again once complete click Next.

Step 4 – Additional information

Step 4 asks you to complete any additional data you would like to advertise. All boxes can be used or not but the regions covered section is very important if you work in more than one area as it is used, along with address details, for the search mechanism. For example, if you teach in Yorkshire but also cover Lancashire you need to add this area so that students looking for a teacher in the area will find you. Once complete click Next.

Step 5 – Genres and levels taught

Step 5 allows you to list all the genres you teach, whether ISTD or not, and at what level i.e. adults, teachers, kids (children below 11), teens (children 11 and above) or professionals. Once all relevant areas have been completed click Next.

Step 6 – Username and password

The last step asks you for a username and password so that if you need to amend any of your details in the future, for example if you start teaching in a new area or add a new genre, you can update these on-line. Once you have added these details and clicked Next, your registration will be complete and be sent for moderation. Once your records have been moderated you will be sent an email to advise you that your profile is now live on the site.