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Imperial House
22/26 Paul Street

Phone: +44 (0)20 7377 1577

Get directions on how to find us.

If exiting from Old Street tube station, please take Exit 4 from the station and turn onto City Road South.

Executive Office

Ginny Brown Chief Executive Officer
Ginny Brown (ext. 809) gbrown@istd.org 

Interim Artistic Director
Linda Jasper (ext. 895) ljasper@istd.org

Maureen Cole-Burns Interim Finance & Operations Director
Maureen Cole-Burns (ext. 805) maureencb@istd.org 
Michaela Ellis

Artistic Projects Manager
Michaela Ellis (ext. 807) mellis@istd.org


Executive Assistant
Gloria Taplin (ext. 806) gtaplin@istd.org

 Roza Kobel

HR Manager 
Roza Kobel (ext. 816) hr@istd.org

Business Development & Membership Services

Chelsea Franklin

Membership Services & Business Development Manager
Chelsea Franklin (ext. 804) cfranklin@istd.org

Carl Bardsley

Membership CRM Analyst
Carl Bardsley (ext. 891) membership@istd.org


Membership Services Assistant
Thomas Kouloumas (ext. 892) membership@istd.org

Finance & Administration

Head of Finance
Saumi Dharmasena (ext. 851) sdharmasena@istd.org

Assistant Accountant
Kazim Saglam (ext. 855) ksaglam@istd.org

Accounts Payable (maternity cover for Sarah Iriogbe)
Joseph Alfonso (ext. 853)

Accounts Receivable
Raeline Moody-Wyse (ext. 854) rmoodywyse@istd.org

Accounts Receivable
Sandra Murdock (ext. 850) smurdock@istd.org

Accounts Receivable
TBC (ext. 852)

Projects, Operations & Facilities

Laura Henderson

ISTD HQ Receptionist (Mon-Wed)
Laura Henderson (ext.800) receptionHQ@istd.org


ISTD HQ Receptionist (Thu-Fri)
Katie Barrett (ext.800) receptionHQ@istd.org


ISTD HQ Facilities Manager
Emelda Nwankiti (ext. 812) enwankiti@istd.org 

UK Examinations

Melanie Curtis

Head of UK Examinations
Melanie Curtis (ext. 871) mcurtis@istd.org

Danielle Wojtylo

UK Examinations Manager
Danielle Wojtylo (ext. 878) daniellew@istd.org

Amanda Adams

Senior UK Examinations Officer
Amanda Adams (ext. 876) aadams@istd.org


Dancesport Examinations Administrator 
(Timetables and reports)
Sarah Brown (ext. 880) sbrown@istd.org


Examinations Officer (UK Centres)
Sadie Serridge (ext. 874) sserridge@istd.org

Georgina Winterborne

UK Examinations Officer
Georgina Winterborne (ext. 875) gwinterborne@istd.org


UK Examinations Officer (Maternity Leave)
Kerry Mian kmian@istd.org


Dancesport Medals Administrator
Brian Sanders (ext. 890) bsanders@istd.org


UK Examinations Administrator
Georgina Bell (ext. 879) gbell@istd.org

International Examinations

 Janne Karkkainen

Head of International Exams
Janne Karkkainen (ext. 860) jkarkkainen@istd.org  

 Evangelia Drakouli

International Examinations Manager
Eve Drakouli (ext. 862) edrakouli@istd.org

Alex Batts

International Examinations Officer
Alex Batts (ext. 867) abatts@istd.org
(Europe – Ireland; Asia – China [mainland, Hong Kong, Macau], India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam; Middle East – Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates; Caribbean – Barbados, Saint Lucia, Trinidad; Africa – Seychelles)


International  Examinations Officer
Yannis Malavakis (ext. 866) ymalavakis@istd.org
(Europe - Cyprus, Greece)


International Examinations Officer
Stephanie Russo (ext. 864) SRusso@istd.org
(Europe – Spain, Gibraltar; North America – Canada, Mexico, USA; Oceania – Australia, New Zealand)

Negin Vaziri

International Examinations Officer
Negin Vaziri (ext. 865) NVaziri@istd.org
(Europe - Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland)

 Chelsea Fox

International Examinations Officer
Chelsea Fox (ext. 863) cfox@istd.org
(Europe – Denmark, Germany, Malta, Norway, Portugal; Africa – Kenya, South Africa)


International Examinations Officer (Dancesport)
Julie Harries (ext. 882) jharries@istd.org

James Smyth-Tyrrell

International Examinations Administration Officer 
James Smyth-Tyrell (ext. 861) jamesst@istd.org 


International Examinations Administrator
Zoe Richard zrichard@istd.org

Education & Training

 Louise Moulton Head of Education & Training
Louise Molton (ext. 844) lmolton@istd.org
Mavis Saba

Professional Development and Events Manager 
Mavis Saba (ext. 832) msaba@istd.org

Joely Stevens

Professional Development Co-ordinator
Joely Stevens (ext. 833) jstevens@istd.org


Professional Development Assistant
Alice Redshaw (ext 835) aredshaw@istd.org

Valentina Grecchi

International Professional Development Co-ordinator
Valentina Grecchi (ext. 836) vgrecchi@istd.org


International Professional Development Assistant


Digital Learning Manager
TBC (ext. 838) 

 Gemma Bridge

Initial Qualifications Co-ordinator
Gemma Bridge (ext. 834) gbridge@istd.org


Higher Qualifications Co-ordinator 

Marketing & Communications


James Scanlan

Head of Marketing & Communications 
James Scanlan (ext. 820) jscanlan@istd.org

Tamsin Moore

Design & Publications Manager (Mon, Tue & Wed | working out of office)
Tamsin Moore tmoore@istd.org


Senior Graphic Designer 
Richard Czapnik (ext. 821) richardc@istd.org 

Katie Andrews

Marketing & Communications Officer
Katie Andrews (ext. 822) kandrews@istd.org

Birgit Diggins

Online Marketing Officer (Tue & Wed)
Birgit Diggins bdiggins@istd.org

David Wood

Shop Manager
David Wood (ext. 810) sales@istd.org

Simon Hidson

Shop Assistant
Simon Hidson (ext. 811) sales@istd.org

Sarah Jardine-Willoughby

Librarian (Mon & Thu)
Sarah Jardine-Willoughby (ext. 813) sjardine-willoughby@istd.org

Customer Services & Quality Assurance


Cynthia Pease

Head of Customer Services & Quality Assurance
Cynthia Pease (ext. 840) cpease@istd.org


Quality Assurance Manager
Gemma Ward (ext. 841) gward@istd.org 

Amy Fraser

Customer Service Officer 
Amy Fraser (ext. 848) afraser@istd.org
Complaints & Result Enquiries complaints@istd.org


Quality Assurance Officer
(Dancesport, International Examinations, and Additional Needs)
Tolu Alabi (ext. 846) talabi@istd.org

Applications for Reasonable Adjustments (ARA) ara@istd.org


Quality Assurance Assistant
(Dancesport and International Examinations) 
TBC (ext. 826)


Quality Assurance Officer
(UK Theatre Examinations) 
Lloyd Ford (ext. 847) lford@istd.org


Quality Assurance Assistant
(UK Theatre Examinations) 
TBC (ext. 843)


Professional Qualifications Manager
Selvet Tufan (ext. 845) pqmanager@istd.org


Professional Qualifications Officer
Briar Luff (ext. 842) bluff@istd.org


Professional Qualifications Assistant


Quest Applications Analyst
Matt Kudzio (ext. 849) questdev@istd.org


The Library is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

To book a visit please call the Librarian, Sarah Jardine-Willoughby, on +44 (0)20 7377 1577 ext. 813 or email sjardine-willoughby@istd.org 

For more information about the Library please click here.

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