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Imperial House
22/26 Paul Street

Phone: +44 (0)20 7377 1577

Get directions on how to find us.

If exiting from Old Street tube station, please take Exit 4 from the station and turn onto City Road South.

ISTD2 Dance Studios
346 Old Street
Phone: +44 (0)20 7655 8801 / +44 (0)207 739 8016

Get directions to ISTD2.

If exiting from Old Street tube station, please take Exit 3, which leads up a slope northeast to the south side of Old Street East.

Executive Office

Hassan Khan Chief Executive Officer
Hassan Khan (ext. 805) hkhan@istd.org
Ginny Brown Artistic Director
Ginny Brown (ext. 809) gbrown@istd.org 

PA to CEO and Artistic Director
Interim PA (ext. 806) pa@istd.org

Sajeela Haak

HR Officer (Mon, Tues & Thurs only)
Sajeela Haak (ext. 816) hr@istd.org

Business Development & Membership Services

Chelsea Franklin

Business Development & Membership Services Manager
Chelsea Franklin (ext. 804) cfranklin@istd.org

Carl Bardsley

Membership Services Administrator
Carl Bardsley (ext. 891) membership@istd.org

Nicole Cronin

Membership Services Assistant
Nicole Cronin (ext. 892) membership@istd.org

Finance & Administration Department

Finance Manager
Sintayehu Billat (ext. 851) sbillat@istd.org

Assistant Accountant
Kazim Saglam (ext. 855) ksaglam@istd.org

Accounts Payable & Receivable
Jawed Hanif (ext. 852) jhanif@istd.org

Accounts Payable
Sarah Iriogbe (ext. 853) siriogbe@istd.org

Accounts Receivable
Raeline Moody-Wyse (ext. 854) rmoodywyse@istd.org

Accounts Receivable
Sandra Murdoch (ext. 850) smurdoch@istd.org

Project, Operations & Facilities Department

Ledonson Lewis

IT Manager
Ledonson Lewis (ext. 817) llewis@istd.org

Laura Henderson

ISTD HQ Receptionist
Laura Henderson (ext.800) receptionHQ@istd.org

Chris New

ISTD HQ Facilities Manager
Chris New (ext. 812) cnew@istd.org


ISTD2 Dance Studios Facilities Manager
Michael Warne (ext. 802) mwarne@istd.org


ISTD2 Dance Studios Coordinator/Receptionist
Sandra McDowell (ext. 801) reception.istd2@istd.org

UK Examinations Department


Head of UK Examinations
Liz Wills (ext. 871) lwills@istd.org

Danielle Wojtylo

UK Examinations Manager
Danielle Wojtylo (ext. 878) daniellew@istd.org

Amanda Adams

Senior UK Examinations Officer
Amanda Adams (ext. 876) aadams@istd.org


Dancesport Examinations Administrator 
(Timetables and reports)
Sarah Brown (ext. 880) sbrown@istd.org


London & Southampton Centres Administrator 
Sadie Serridge (ext. 874) sserridge@istd.org

Rosanna Whittle

UK Examinations Administrator
Rosanna Whittle (ext. 875) rwhittle@istd.org


UK Examinations Administrator (also covering for Kerry Mian)
Alia Mehmood (ext. 873) aliam@istd.org


Dancesport Medals Administrator
Brian Sanders (ext. 890) bsanders@istd.org


UK Examinations Administrator
Hannah Smale (ext. 872) hsmale@istd.org


UK Examinations Administrator
Georgina Bell (ext. 879) gbell@istd.org

International Examinations Department

Robert Fox

Head of International Exams
Robert Fox (ext. 860) rfox@istd.org

  International Examinations Manager (International Dancesport)
Adil Yilmaz

Examinations Officer
Adil Yilmaz (ext. 861) ayilmaz@istd.org
(Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA)

Evangelia Drakouli Examinations Officer
Eve Drakouli (ext. 862) edrakouli@istd.org
(Cyprus, N.Cyprus, Greece, Malta)

Examinations Officer
Stephanie Russo (ext. 864) SRusso@istd.org
(Germany, Gibraltar, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Kenya, South Africa)


Examinations Officer
Negin Vaziri (ext. 865) NVaziri@istd.org
(Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland)

Alex Batts

Examinations Officer
Alex Batts (ext. 867) abatts@istd.org
(Bahrain, Barbados, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kuwait, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Macau, Malaysia, Qatar, Seychelles, Singapore, Saint Lucia, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam)

Jade Leatham

International Examinations Administrator
Jade Leatham (ext.863) jleatham@istd.org


James Smyth-Tyrrell

International Examinations Administrator
James Smyth-Tyrell (ext. 868) jamesst@istd.org 


Education & Training Department

  Head of Education & Training
Louise Molton (ext. 844) lmolton@istd.org
Melanie Curtis

Professional Development Manager 
Melanie Curtis (ext. 833) mcurtis@istd.org

Matthew Brandwood

Professional Development Co-ordinator 
Matthew Brandwood (ext. 831) mbrandwood@istd.org

Georgina Winterborne

Education & Training Assistant
Georgina Winterborne (ext 835) gwinterborne@istd.org 

Valentina Grecchi

International Professional Development Co-ordinator
Valentina Grecchi (ext. 836) vgrecchi@istd.org

James Savva

Teacher Training Manager
James Savva (ext. 837) jsavva@istd.org

 Gemma Bridge

Initial Qualifications Co-ordinator
Gemma Bridge (ext. 834) gbridge@istd.org

Kathryn Bye

Higher Qualifications Co-ordinator 
Kathryn Bye (ext. 837) kbye@istd.org

Marketing & Communications Department


James Scanlan

Head of Marketing & Communications 
James Scanlan (ext. 820) jscanlan@istd.org

Tamsin Moore

Design & Publications Manager (Mon, Tues & Wed, working out of office)
Tamsin Moore tmoore@istd.org

Leanne Armstrong

In-House Graphic Designer 
Leanne Armstrong (ext. 821) larmstrong@istd.org

Katie Andrews

Marketing & Communications Officer
Katie Andrews (ext. 822) kandrews@istd.org

Birgit Diggins

Online Marketing Officer (Tue & Wed only)
Birgit Diggins (ext. 823) bdiggins@istd.org

David Wood

Shop Manager
David Wood (ext. 810) sales@istd.org

Simon Hidson

Shop Assistant
Simon Hidson (ext. 811) sales@istd.org

Sarah Jardine-Willoughby

Librarian (Mon & Thurs only)
Sarah Jardine-Willoughby (ext. 813) sjardine-willoughby@istd.org

Customer Services & Quality Assurance Department


Cynthia Pease

Head of Customer Services & Quality Assurance
Cynthia Pease (ext. 840) cpease@istd.org

Gemma Ward

Quality Assurance Manager
Gemma Ward (ext. 841) gward@istd.org 
Complaints & Result Enquiries complaints@istd.org 


Quality Assurance Officer (UK Theatre)
Craig Allum (ext. 843) callum@istd.org

Alys Fanner

Quality Assurance Officer (Dancesport, International Theatre, and Additional Needs)
Alys Fanner (ext. 826) afanner@istd.org
Applications for Reasonable Adjustments (ARA) ara@istd.org


Quality Assurance Assistant (UK Theatre) 
Lloyd Ford (ext. 847) lford@istd.org


Quality Assurance Assistant (Dancesport and International Theatre)  
Amy Williamson (ext. 846) awilliamson@istd.org


Professional Qualifications Officer
TBC (ext. 845) 


Professional Qualifications Assistant
Luisa Amponsah (ext. 842) lamponsah@istd.org


Professional Qualifications Assistant
TBC (ext. 830) 


The Library is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

To book a visit please call the Librarian, Sarah Jardine-Willoughby, on +44 (0)20 7377 1577 ext. 813 or email sjardine-willoughby@istd.org 

For more information about the Library please click here.

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