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ISTD mapCOVID-19 NOTICE: following guidance from the government, NHS and Public Health England, the Society office is closed and all staff are working remotely until further notice. If you would like to get in touch, please contact us via email.

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
22/26 Paul Street

+44 (0)20 7377 1577

Get directions on how to find us

If exiting from Old Street tube station, please take Exit 4 from the station and turn onto City Road South.

Executive Office

Ginny Brown Chief Executive Officer
Ginny Brown (ext. 809) gbrown@istd.org 
Liz Dale

Director of Dance
Liz Dale (ext. 895) ldale@istd.org

Keith Stephenson

Director of Finance & Operations
Keith Stephenson (ext. 805) kstephenson@istd.org

Janne Karkkainen

Director of Examinations
Janne Karkkainen (ext. 860) jkarkkainen@istd.org

Louise Moulton

Director of Education
Louise Molton (ext. 844) lmolton@istd.org

Gemma Matthews

Director of Membership & Communications
Gemma Matthews (ext. 807) gmatthews@istd.org


Executive Assistant
Gloria Taplin (ext. 806) gtaplin@istd.org

Dance Directorate

Michaela Ellis Artistic Projects Manager
Michaela Ellis (ext. 896) mellis@istd.org

Acting Head of Faculty Development - Cecchetti
Catherine Hutchon chutchon@istd.org


Head of Faculty Development - Imperial Classical Ballet, Greek and National
Pippa Cobbing (ext. 802) pcobbing@istd.org

Lisa Harrison-Jones

Head of Faculty Development - Modern Theatre and Classical Indian 
Lisa Harrison-Jones (ext. 892) ljones@istd.org

Jason DiMascio

Head of Faculty Development - Tap
Jason Di Mascio (ext. 804) jdimascio@istd.org


Head of Faculty Development - Disco, Freestyle, Rock n Roll & Street 
Amanda Tapp atapp@istd.org

Malcolm Hill

Head of Faculty Development - Latin American, Ballroom, Sequence
Malcolm Hill mhill@istd.org

Finance & Operations

Roza Kobel

HR Manager 
Roza Kobel (ext. 816) hr@istd.org


Finance Manager
Anthony Shayler (ext. 851) ashayler@istd.org


Finance Business Partner
Christian Levy (ext. 850) clevy@istd.org 


Accounts Payable/Receivable Oficer
Joseph Alfonso (ext. 853) jalfonso@istd.org


Accounts Payable/Receivable Officer
Dalha Mohamed (ext. 855) dmohamed@istd.org

Laura Henderson

ISTD HQ Receptionist (Mon-Wed)
Laura Henderson (ext.800) receptionHQ@istd.org


ISTD HQ Receptionist (Thu-Fri)
Katie Barrett (ext.800) receptionHQ@istd.org


ISTD HQ Facilities Manager
Emelda Nwankiti (ext. 812) enwankiti@istd.org 

UK Examinations

Melanie Curtis

Head of UK Examinations
Melanie Curtis (ext. 871) mcurtis@istd.org


UK Examinations Manager
Yannis Malavakis (ext. 878) ymalavakis@istd.org

Amanda Adams

Senior UK Examinations Officer
Amanda Adams (ext. 880) aadams@istd.org


Dancesport Examinations Officer
Sarah Brown (ext. 879) sbrown@istd.org


Examinations Officer (UK Centres)
Sadie Serridge (ext. 874) sserridge@istd.org

Georgina Winterborne

UK Examinations Officer
Georgina Winterborne (ext. 875) gwinterborne@istd.org


UK Examinations Officer
Laura Miah (ext. 876) lmiah@istd.org

International Examinations

Evangelia Drakouli

Head of International Examinations
Eve Drakouli (ext. 862) edrakouli@istd.org


International Examinations Manager
Metaxia Ypsilanti (ext. 882) mypsilanti@istd.org

Alex Batts

International Examinations Officer
Alex Batts (ext. 867) abatts@istd.org
(Europe – Ireland; Asia – China [mainland, Hong Kong, Macau], India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam; Middle East – Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates; Caribbean – Barbados, Saint Lucia, Trinidad; Africa – Seychelles)


International  Examinations Officer
Theodora Siora tsiora@istd.org
(Europe - Cyprus, Greece)


International Examinations Officer
Stephanie Russo (ext. 864) SRusso@istd.org
(Europe – Spain, Gibraltar; North America – Mexico; Oceania – Australia, New Zealand)


International Examinations Officer
(North America – Canada, USA)

Negin Vaziri

International Examinations Officer
Negin Vaziri (ext. 865) NVaziri@istd.org
(Europe - Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland)

 Chelsea Fox

International Examinations Officer
Chelsea Fox (ext. 863) cfox@istd.org
(Europe – Denmark, Germany, Malta, Norway, Portugal; Africa – Kenya, South Africa)


International Examinations Officer (Dancesport)
Julie Harries (ext. 868) jharries@istd.org

Education & Training


Head of Teacher Training
Suzanne Priest (ext. 838) spriest@istd.org

Mavis Saba

Professional Development and Events Manager 
Mavis Saba (ext. 832) msaba@istd.org

Joely Stevens

Professional Development Co-ordinator
Joely Stevens (ext. 833) jstevens@istd.org


Professional Development Assistant

Valentina Grecchi

International Professional Development Co-ordinator
Valentina Grecchi (ext. 836) vgrecchi@istd.org


International Professional Development Assistant


Learning Experience Designer 
Levinna James (ext. 837) ljames@istd.org 

Gemma Bridge

Initial Qualifications Co-ordinator
Gemma Bridge (ext. 834) gbridge@istd.org


Teacher Training Officer
Yolande Binks ybinks@istd.org 


Higher Qualifications Co-ordinator 

Membership & Communications



Membership Manager
Nigel Joseph (ext. 891) membership@istd.org

Nick Hurd

Membership Coordinator
Nick Hurd (ext. 823) membership@istd.org

Tamsin Moore

Design & Publications Manager (Mon, Tue & Wed)
Tamsin Moore tmoore@istd.org

Richard Czapnik

Senior Graphic Designer 
Richard Czapnik (ext. 821) richardc@istd.org 


Senior Marketing Manager
Jacquiline James jjames@istd.org

Katie Andrews

Marketing & Communications Officer
Katie Andrews (ext. 822) kandrews@istd.org

Customer Services & Quality Assurance



Head of Quality Assurance
Sophie Azam (ext. 840) sazam@istd.org


Quality Assurance Manager
Gemma Ward (ext. 841) gward@istd.org 


Customer Service Officer 
Complaints & Result Enquiries complaints@istd.org


Quality Assurance Officer
(Dancesport, International Examinations, and Special Needs)
Tolu Alabi (ext. 846) talabi@istd.org

Applications for Reasonable Adjustments (ARA) ara@istd.org


Quality Assurance Assistant


Quality Assurance Officer
(UK Theatre Examinations) 
Sabena Sengupta (ext. 847) ssengupta@istd.org


Quality Assurance Assistant
(UK Theatre Examinations) 
Jake Hacene (ext. 843) jhacene@istd.org


Professional Qualifications Manager
Selvet Tufan (ext. 845) pqmanager@istd.org


Professional Qualifications Officer
Arif Ahmed Sunny (ext. 842) asunny@istd.org


Professional Qualifications Officer
Morgan Taylor (ext. 830) mtaylor@istd.org


Quest Applications Analyst
Matt Kudzio (ext. 849) questdev@istd.org

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