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Cecchetti Classical ballet offers a range of Competitions and Awards to encourage, support and promote participation in Cecchetti Classical ballet for both children and for vocational students. The competitions are noted for their friendly, 'family' atmosphere. It is in this environment that students are encouraged to demonstrate their performing and choreographic skills in a number of events:

  • Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards
  • Cecchetti Southern Area Awards
  • Wales & West Area Awards
  • Cecchetti Choreographic Competiton
  • Cecchetti International Classical Ballet Competition

Some details of each of these events are given below and further information of all of the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Competitions & Awards can be found on the Cecchetti Classical Ballet website.

Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards 

The Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards offer in one high profile annual event, both children and vocational students the opportunity to perform on a professional stage in an atmosphere of friendly competition. The Awards are held annually in November at the Lillian Baylis Studio, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London.

The Cecchetti Children’s Awards and the Junior, Middle and Senior Mabel Ryan Awards are for children and pre-vocational students.  The Vocational Awards include the Fewster Cecchetti Scholarship and the Barbara Geoghegan Award and are open to vocational students studying the Cecchetti method at Intermediate level and above in the UK and Europe and support talented students in their training as they prepare for a professional dance career

To find out more go to:

Contact: Lisa Hunter
Tel: +44 (0)1832 272981
Email: lisa@oundleschoolofballet.co.uk

Cecchetti Southern Area Awards

The Award is held in the spring term at the Barn Theatre, Southwick, Sussex. It has the specific aim of encouraging children who are only able to attend one Ballet class each week, known as the 'once a week' child.  There are four sections. Junior competitors show a set dance. Both the Middle sections and the Seniors show the set class work and a longer 'solo' enchainment. The Vacani and Molly Caulder Awards for Joy of Dance are adjudicated during the Lower Middle and Upper Middle sections respectively. 

For further information about all the Awards including entrycriteria go to:

Contact: CSAA Organiser
Tel: +44 (0)7583 143895
Email: csouthernaa@outlook.com

Contact: Penelope Walker
Tel: +44 (0)7583 143895

Contact: Mechele Lefkaridi
Tel: +44 (0)7738 831616

Cecchetti Wales and the West Area Awards

Originally named the Mabel Ryan Regional Awards, the Wales and the West Awards started in around 1990.  These awards give children the experience of performing on stage in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.  The first competition as the Walesand the West Awards was held on 10th March 2002 and it is now regularly held at the Congress Theatre, Cwmbran, early in the Spring term. 

There are three sections: Junior, Middle and Senior. Competitors perform in groups on stage, demonstrating a series of exercises from Port de Bras to Allegro, followed by a set dance from that level.  Spectators are always encouraged.  The Vacani Award (Junior) for the Joy of Dance and the Pamela Miller Award (Middle and Senior) for Musicality are adjudicated separately within the competition.

For further information including entry criteria go to:

Contact: Carol Goode
Tel: +44 (0)1633 771830

Contact: Jacqui Everson
Tel: +44 (0)1495 756567
or +44 (0)7962 233396
Email: jacqui.everson@aol.co.uk

Cecchetti Choreographic Competition

The Cecchetti Children’s Choreographic Competition celebrates creativity and imagination in aspiring young dance makers and is a very popular, long established event.   This competition takes place each year at Cecil Sharp House, London in the Spring Term. The aim is to give young dancers studying the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet an opportunity to show their talents as choreographers and performers. Adjudicators include dance artists or respected members of the teaching profession who bring their own choreographic experience and expertise to inform their adjudication.  There are three sections and each section is sub-divided into solos, duets and groups.  For further information including entry criteria go to: 

Contact: Claire Hern
Tel: +44 (0)1588 660844
Email: cecchettichoreo@aol.com

Cecchetti International Classical Ballet Competition

The Cecchetti Society is member of Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (CICB) and the CICB Competition for young dancers is staged every three years.   This world classinternational event offers selected young dancers working at vocationallevel a very special opportunity to represent the UK on an international stage.  To find out more go to www.cicb.org