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Examinations and Results Update

We are pleased to confirm that our examinations will be returning from 1 August 2020 onwards in a phased approach.

We appreciate the challenges that you have experienced in managing your dance schools during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the impact that the postponement of the examinations may have had on your learners. We will be providing further guidance about health and safety regarding the delivery the exam sessions later in July.

With the unfortunate government announcement this week regarding the continued closure of dance schools in the UK, we will be initially focusing on providing examinations, especially vocational grades and DDE Unit 4, for learners who are due to complete their studies this summer in vocational schools and colleges. However, we will not be arranging examinations in our London or regional centres in the UK for the foreseeable future due to the ongoing pandemic.

Internationally, the easing of the lockdown is moving at different times. In some countries our members have been able to open their schools and return to teaching already with examinations due to take place with our local examiners, for example in Greece and Cyprus. Whilst we will continue to arrange examination tours with our local examiners in their countries of residence, we will not be arranging examination tours with international travel for the foreseeable future due to the ongoing pandemic.

In order to continue to provide our examination services for our members, whether in the UK or internationally, we are pleased to announce that we will be introducing remote examinations from 1 September 2020. We are making good progress in exploring the solution with the Faculties and are about start the trials with the examinations. Whilst remote examinations will be used mainly internationally, if we are unable to allocate an examiner in the UK, we would be providing our members with an opportunity to take a remote examination. One of key benefits about the remote examinations is that it provides flexibility in that the exam session can take place on your preferred date and will remove any requirement for minimum fees (UK only).

We will of course provide you with further updates, guidance on how to enter your learners in line with relevant government guidelines on social distancing and full guidance about the remote examinations over the summer, but you can find more information about the timeline in table 1 and which qualifications are included in the tables 2 and 3.



Throughout the month of May we consulted with the Department for Education (DfE) and the qualification regulator Ofqual regarding the issue of results to learners who were due to take assessments and complete their qualifications this spring and summer. We are now pleased to share our approach, timelines and requirements to both our Members and Approved Dance Centres on this subject. 

Read more about the changes to the method of assessing and issuing results here.


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