Examinations Updates


Updated Guidance for Exams in the UK

As a response to the recent COVID guidance provided by the governments across the UK, we are providing more detailed information about the dance classes and examinations for these scenarios.

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Updated Guidance for International Exams

As a response to international COVID guidance, we are providing more detailed information about the dance classes and examinations for these scenarios.

Setting up remote examinations

We have been successfully conducting examinations in the UK since 1 August 2020 which has been welcomed by our members, students and examiners. This solution is available both in the UK and internationally. We are very excited about this development as it allows us to continue to provide our examinations service across the world during these uncertain times.

To provide more information, we have developed a platform which enables you to make video recordings using the camera on your device through the platform. The key benefits of this solution are the flexibility around the timing of the examination, the quick upload times of the recordings and that you are not required to store these large files on your electronic device or folders.

If you are interested in remote examinations, please contact the relevant Examinations Department and they will be able to provide you with more information and support in using the platform. Regarding the international examinations specifically, the International Examinations team will be in contact with you directly about your exam periods.

Please find information on which examinations are available in the UK and internationally and how to setup a venue for remote examinations below.

Preparing the dance studio for examinations

The examinations department have created a set of instructions aimed at helping you set up your dance space or studio so that all examinations (excluding Fellowship examinations) can be conducted safely.

Teachers should rehearse using these instructions and procedures before the exam to ensure candidates are familiar and confident with the exam format. These instructions have been prepared for four candidates in an examination studio.

Preparing to Return to the Studio - Part 1

Preparing to Return to the Studio - Part 2