Examinations and Results Update

We are pleased to confirm that our examinations will be returning from 1 August 2020 onwards in a phased approach.

Remote Exams

We have been successfully conducting examinations in the UK since 1 August 2020 which has been welcomed by our members, students and examiners. We are now pleased to inform you that we have gone live with remote examinations on 1 September, so this solution is now available both in the UK and internationally. We are very excited about this development as it allows us to continue to provide our examinations service across the world during these uncertain times.

Just to provide more information, we have developed a platform which enables you to make video recordings using the camera on your device through the platform. The key benefits of this solution are the flexibility around the timing of the examination, the quick upload times of the recordings and that you are not required to store these large files on your electronic device or folders.

If you are interested in remote examinations, please contact the relevant Examinations Department and they will be able to provide you with more information and support in using the platform. Regarding the international examinations specifically, the International Examinations team will be in contact with you directly about your exam periods.

Please find detailed information about which examinations are available in the UK and internationally on tables 1 and 2 in the document below.

Available Examinations - UK / International

07 September 2020

Preparing the dance studio for examinations

The examinations department have created a set of instructions aimed at helping you set up your dance space or studio so that DDE Unit 4 and Vocational Examinations can be conducted safely.

Teachers should rehearse using these instructions and procedures before the exam to ensure candidates are familiar and confident with the exam format. These instructions have been prepared for two candidates in an examination studio.

Guidance for Phase Two can be accessed below.

Preparing your dance studio for Exams

07 September 2020

Guidance for Phase Two

07 September 2020

Method of assessing and issuing results

Throughout the month of May we consulted with the Department for Education (DfE) and the qualification regulator Ofqual regarding the issue of results to learners who were due to take assessments and complete their qualifications this Spring and Summer. We are now pleased to share our approach, timelines and requirements to both our Members and Approved Dance Centres on this subject,  and have provided separate guidance documents below for both our vocational and teaching qualifications which provide all the required information.

Approved Dance Centres

Due to these unprecedented circumstances, we are making changes to the method of assessing the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Level 4 Diploma in Dance Education.

Ofqual has set out how an awarding organisation should calculate results or adapt or delay assessments during this ongoing pandemic. We’ve created some detailed guidance to help you understand what this means for your school, college and your learners.

This guidance sets out the details of the scheme, provides guidance for tutors, their students, and timelines for action should exceptional arrangements we required.

Society Members

As many members will be aware the method of issuing results for our vocational qualifications are changing due to the impact of the ongoing pandemic.

Ofqual’s Extraordinary Regulatory Framework sets out how an awarding organisation should calculate results or adapt or delay assessments during this time. The framework also allows awarding organisations to provide clarity to schools and colleges about what evidence they should gather and consider when applying for a calculated grade.

In or members area is some detailed guidance that sets out what qualifications have been impacted by these changes, how grades will be calculated – and the process and time frames for you to follow. Please read these guidance notes carefully.


Examinations Info

For more information about the decisions on awarding vocational and technical qualifications this summer please visit the Ofqual website.