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Online Learning & Using Syllabus Material

Online Learning

Thinking about teaching online?

Many members will be looking to find alternative ways to teach classes and give instruction using secure and reliable online streaming services. This is is a great way to stay in touch with your students and continue to offer your teaching services. Our Education & Training Team have created some guidance and advice about setting up your classes online. Download it here.

Supporting Documents

We appreciate many of you may be already delivering work online and feel confident with that process, others may be just starting. Either way we would encourage you to explore this and see what you can develop. Share and support one another.
We will do our best to support you on this journey and in the weeks to come we will be developing more materials and guidance for teachers and members to use.


Using Syllabus Material

We have been asked about the possibility of sharing syllabus DVDs online, but unfortunately our copyright doesn’t allow for this. However, we are pleased to inform you that you can use some syllabus music for teaching ( please see exceptions below), providing this is in a private class which participants can sign into by invitation only. Please note that our music cannot be used for public online classes.
For copyright reasons, you  MUST NOT use the following syllabus music at all, in online teaching. We will advise in writing if this position changes: Classical Greek ( Grades 1-5), Tap (Pre-Primary), National Medal Test and all Dancesport music.
You may find  this link to royalty free music on YouTube helpful. Alternatively you can buy royalty free tracks and music online via websites such as Artlist, Epidemic Sound, Audio Jungle, etc.
FOR UK MEMBERS ONLY: PPL has provided some guidance on licences for dance teachers
The fee paid is based on the number of classes that an instructor gives in a year. Instructors need to keep a record of how many classes are cancelled and notify PPL at licence renewal. PPL will then give credit for these against next year’s fees.