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Approved Dance Centres

What are Approved Dance Centres (ADCs)?

Student teachers who wish to follow the DDE programme must do so through an ADC. These consist of vocational colleges and independent schools who have undergone an approval process to ensure they meet the standards of the ISTD and Regulators.

The purpose of approval is to assure the ISTD of the probity and appropriate standing of a prospective ADC and to ensure the institution has:

  • the ability to provide an appropriate educational experience for learner teachers;
  • suitably qualified and experienced teaching staff;
  • appropriate mechanisms of governance and administrative procedures;
  • effective quality assurance;
  • robust health and safety, complaints and appeals mechanisms;
  • appropriate physical facilities with Wi-Fi  i.e. studio size, flooring, lighting, Internet access
  • staff training procedures for assessment.

The ISTD reserves the right not to grant approval for a Centre where there is already sufficient provision for candidates for a genre in a specific geographical area.

Can any school become an ADC?

The DDE forms part of the ISTD’s initial teacher training in the European Union (EU) and the ADC scheme exists at present within the EU. If your school is interested in offering the DDE please contact Gemma Bridge who will provide you with all the relevant information. Applications to become an ADC are welcome at any time.

At the present time there is no such similar scheme for delivery of the ISTD’s initial teacher training outside the EU. Please click here for information on those qualifications.

If you want to deliver ISTD graded and vocational graded examinations, class tests, etc., your school does not need to become an ADC. It is simply the case that your school must have a suitably qualified ISTD teacher with a current and appropriate level of membership. For information of membership, please click here.

I want to start the DDE programme. Where can I find a list of ADCs in my area?

To find an Approved Dance Centre near you that is approved for the genre you are interested in studying, please click here.

I want to teach on the DDE programme. How can I do that?

As part of the ADC scheme, the ISTD has a scheme of Approved Tutors, teachers who are suitably qualified, experienced and trained to deliver the DDE programme. All Approved Tutors are linked to one or several ADCs and deliver the qualifications at ADC approved venues.

To be eligible to apply to become an Approved Tutor, you must be linked to an ADC and have the following:

♦ISTD Licentiate in the genre(s) you wish to tutor;

♦ISTD Level 6 Diploma in Dance Pedagogy in the genre(s) you wish to tutor

♦Or equivalent qualification.

It is also a requirement that you can demonstrate adequate evidence of professional competence in teaching teachers or be prepared to work under the supervision of an experienced Approved Tutor for a specified timescale.

If you do not have any of the listed qualifications, but feel your qualifications and experience are suitable, simply contact us to discuss the specifics of your situation.

On confirmation of your pending approval as an Approved Tutor, you will be required to attend mandatory Tutor Training course organised by the Education & Training Department before you can begin tutoring any students. If you want more information about becoming an Approved Tutor, please contact Gemma Bridge.

I have heard about Distance Learning Tutors. Is that the same as an Approved Tutor?

For the previous DDI/DDE qualifications we had a number of distance learner tutors who would tutor students without face to face delivery.

The new DDE demands a number of guided learning hours to be delivered directly to the student. The development of the on line management system ‘Totara’ means that essentially all students are able to access work remotely and complete their assessments on line. All units also link with each other and should be seen and delivered as a whole qualification.

Therefore the structure and content of the DDE no longer lends itself to delivery by distance learning tutors. Use of Totara however means that blended and on line learning works as an excellent combination with face to face delivery. Students and teachers now have more options for delivery with on line support.

To find an ADC near you download our list of ADCs.