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Assessment Procedures for Disabled Children and Young People

Although significant progress has been made to increase the inclusivity of dance and the arts, when it comes to assessing and recognising achievements of disabled children and young people, the ISTD recognises a gap in the market and that more work needs to be done.


Application for Reasonable Adjustments (ARA)

At this stage the ISTD offers teachers to apply for reasonable adjustments for disabled children and young people wanting to participate in examinations, which is an opportunity to consider particular difficulties that less abled candidates may face and how these may impact on their performance.

Certificate of Participation

For certain cases, where a candidate may have a severe disability, which is likely to prevent him/her to meet the examination criteria and pass an exam, the ISTD may be able to issue a Certificate of Participation instead.

Both, reasonable adjustments and certificates of participation can be applied for via the ARA form


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