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Downloadable Documents for DDE

To download PDFs of the new DDE syllabus please click on the following link:

ISTD Level 4 DDE Syllabus

To download the genre-specific supplementary sheets click on the links below:

Cecchetti Classical Ballet

Classical Greek

Classical Sequence (not available)

Disco/Freestyle  (not available)

Imperial Classical Ballet

Latin American (not available)

Modern Ballroom (not available)

Modern Theatre


Classical Indian Dance (not available)


DDE Learner Registration Form and Fees

The DDE Learner Registration Form must first be completed by the learner and then submitted to their chosen ADC. Please note that the ISTD will not accept any registrations which have not been signed off by the relevant ADC. For further information concerning the ULN and the Personal Learner Record, see our UK Examinations section.

DDE Learner Registration Form

DDE Submission Fees Sheet