DDI/DDE Case Study - Jessica Scott

Open Day Case Studies (Jessica)Jessica studied the DDI and DDE in Modern Theatre, Tap and Imperial Ballet at Preston College.

I have been dancing since the age of three and it has always been my passion. My dance teacher inspired me to become a teacher. When I became familiar with the work, I got to help out with supervising classes and teaching a few exercises. I thoroughly enjoyed this and knew it was what I wanted to do in the future. From there I decided to audition for Preston College which offered the best options for me.

What I have most enjoyed from DDI/DDE is learning new skills, steps and movements. I feel that my knowledge of dance has increased massively. I now feel I would be able to pass on my knowledge and skills to students and hopefully inspire them, just like my teacher inspired me.

I have found keeping up with my studies alongside dance shows challenging. I also travel two and a half hours every day which is tiring, but I always make sure I keep up with my work and try my hardest to get the best results. I have also chosen to complete three teaching exams this year which I have found very challenging. However, I am determined to pass them all before I leave.

In the future, firstly, I am hoping to audition for some performing jobs as it is a once in a lifetime experience. After learning new styles, performance techniques and different steps, I will then be able to pass on these skills to my students. Once I have had a few dance jobs, I want to either set up my own dance school or find a teaching job.

I would advise those thinking about studying the DDI/DDE to keep up with their work and not to leave it to the last minute. I would also recommend going to observe classes, or to teach, so that you are more aware of common faults and can try out different teaching methods for yourself.

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