Non-regulated Dancesport qualifications

If you are interested in completing your Dancesport initial dance teacher training by studying for the non-regulated qualifications, the ISTD offers the Student Teacher and Associate examinations.  These qualifications are recognised internationally throughout the dance teaching world and aim to give prospective dance teachers a solid grounding in the skills and knowledge needed to teach dance in a safe environment.  

If you live inside the EU, it is worth remembering that the ISTD offers an alternative regulated route with the Level 3 Diploma in Dance Instruction (DDI) and the Level 4 Diploma in Dance Education (DDE).  It is worth taking the time to consider the two options, looking at what type of teaching qualification you wish to achieve at the end of your training, in what setting you are going to teach and what commitments you have before making a decision.  For details of the regulated route, click here.

Further details on the non-regulated qualifications are as follows.  Please note, this is only a brief outline and there are some requirements not listed below.   

Student Teacher

  • Key Objective:

While the Student Teacher is not a mandatory examination for prospective teachers who wish to take the Associate examination or a teaching qualification in its own right, it is a helpful preparation.

  • Entry Requirement:

You must be 16 or above.

  • What happens next?

While completing the qualification you may apply for Provisional Membership of the Society.  On completion of the qualification you may teach candidates but only under the guidance of a Full Dancesport member (holder of an Associate or above).  Any candidate you wish to enter for an examination must be entered by the Full Dancesport member.

Please note: under the rules of the British Dance Council, you would also not be eligible to take part in amateur medallist competitions or amateur medal tests except when 'partnering'.



  • Key Objective:

This qualification gives prospective dance teachers a solid grounding in the skills and knowledge needed to teach dance in a safe environment.

  • Entry Requirement:

You must be 17 or above.

  • What happens next?

You may apply for Full Membership of the Society.

After becoming a member, you are eligible to enter candidates for any ISTD examinations, in both Theatre Dance and Dancesport genres.

You may apply to the British Dance Council for a Licence to Adjudicate competitions in the genre in which you are qualified.

You can apply to progress onto the ISTD’s selection of advanced dance teaching qualifications – click here for more information.


If you feel this is the route for you, you simply need to contact an ISTD teacher qualified in the correct genre who lives in your area who will prepare and train you for the examination.  To find a teacher, please visit our website

If you have any queries about this qualification, please contact Gemma Bridge, Initial Qualifications Co-ordinator, on If you have any questions about your suitability for this qualification,  please contact Gemma with a copy of your updated CV.