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Dance Research Committee

The Dance Research Committee aims to bring the History of Western European dance to life through a practical experience of dances from the 12th - 19th centuries.

The dances are based on documentary evidence but are made relevant to the present day needs of dancers, teachers and choreographers.

The Dance Research Committee, through the teaching of Belinda Quirey MBE, has inherited the research work of Melusine Wood.

It is the only group concerned with Early Dance which is attached to a professional dance teaching organisation.

An Advisory Panel drawn from the world of dance and related arts supports the work of the Administrative Committee.

One day courses are held throughout the year (on Sundays). These courses are mainly practical but the historical and social context in which dancing took place is explored. Guidance is also given as to the use of Early Dance in present day stage and film productions.

In association with the Language of Dance Centre, an increasing body of Early Dance material is being published in Labanotation.


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