Bursaries and Funding

Theatre Bursary Awards

Celebrating exceptional talent and potential amongst young Society trained dancers.

Theatre Bursary Awards

Now in its’ fifth year, our Theatre Bursary Awards have provided financial bursaries for a total of 40 students and teachers. Winners have used their bursary to attend national and international summer schools, fund private tuition, one to one coaching and intensive courses. We are proud that two previous winners of the awards went on to be category finalists in the BBC Young Dancer competition.


The awards is hosted as an annual competitive performance event in different cities around the UK. Venues have included The Place and Shoreditch Town Hall (London), Elmhurst Ballet school (Birmingham) and The Lowry (Manchester). Junior and senior contestants are nominated to represent each of the seven theatre faculties via faculty events and competitions that take place in the preceding year. 

Nominated contestants perform solos before a panel of industry experts for a chance to win significant financial bursaries towards the cost of their future training. Winners’ teachers also receive bursaries to support their continued professional development.  

The event also showcases guest performances and presentations of new Society work such the Contemporary Syllabus which was launched in 2019 and the presentation the new Modern Theatre ‘Alternative’ Musical Theatre Amalgamations for grades 4, 5 & 6 presented in 2020.      


I had a wonderful experience at the Bursary Awards, meeting new people and watching different styles of dance.