Dancesport Awards

Phyllis Haylor Scholarship

The Phyllis Haylor Scholarship is awarded annually to an individual who achieved Highly Commended in their Dancesport Associate during the eligible timeframe. 

A scholarship of £2,000 is awarded to support further dance training, for example higher qualifications, such as Licentiate, an Associate qualification in another genre, or towards any relevant CPD to enhance the recipients career as a new dance teacher.


  • The scholarship is available to those who have passed a Dancesport Associate with Highly Commended during the eligible time frame. 
  • Candidates must not hold any other qualification higher than Associate level in any genre. 
  • Candidates may enter multiple times across numerous years, providing they meet the requirements stated above. 
  • Candidates must hold a Society membership. 


  1. Eligible candidates are contacted via email by the Society and invited to apply.
  2. Candidates are invited to perform a 5-10 minute verbal presentation on one of three specified topics specified for a specialist panel. The presentation is followed by a short Q&A with the specialist panel. 
  3. The eligible candidates are written to and invited to attend the PHS, from the list given to us from the Exams department / Membership. They need to reply to confirm by a certain date that  they will be attending and are then given the subjects to choose from for their presentation. And made aware that there will be time after the presentation for some general Questions and Answers from the panel.
  4. A winner is chosen by the specialist panel and provided with information on how to claim their scholarship funds. 

Invitation to apply

Dates to take part in the 2021 Phillis Haylor Scholarship are to be confirmed.