DFR Set Dances 2023

Teachers are invited to submit choreography for the DFR Set Dances for 2024.

If you are interested in submitting a routine suitable for our 2024 Set Dances, please email for further information as to how to upload your videos.

Here is some useful information for you:

  • Dances must be repeatable, either 8, 12 or 16 bars (8 bars only for Bronze and below routines)
  • Teachers of Associate level may enter choreography suitable for Bronze and below routines only
  • Teachers holding a Licentiate or Fellowship qualification  may enter choreography at any level
  • Please only submit dances relevant to the styles and levels, as per the table below
  • competition floor
  • Consider the choreography; make it interesting, unique and something that will inspire our competitors in their examinations and on the competition floor.
  • The deadline date for submission is 18 February 2023.

Good luck! We look forward to watching your routines next year.

Age categories


Under 6/Under 8


Under 10 and Under 12 Social Dance Test


Under 10 and Under 12 Pre-Bronze


Under 14 Social Dance Test/Pre-Bronze and Over 14 Bronze

Rock n Roll

Under 12 Bronze/Silver and Under 14 Bronze/Silver

Rock n Roll or Slow

Over 14 Social Dance Test/ Pre-Bronze


Over 14 Silver/Gold


Under 14 Gold and above

Street or Slow


Street or Slow

Under 16 and Over 16 Gold Star and above

Street or Freestyle

2023 Set Dance videos

The 2023 Set Dance videos are now available to purchase. These not only are used for our UK competitions but also provide excellent routines that are suitable for Disco/Freestyle medal tests. If you wish to purchase a copy, please email