Imperial Classical Ballet - Solo Performance Awards

important info

Start Date - Fri, 16 Apr 2021

End Date - Wed, 28 Jul 2021

Venue - Online

Style - Imperial Classical Ballet


Our annual Senior Ballet Awards will return in 2021 as the Online Solo Performance Awards. Winners will be eligible for the Society Theatre Bursary Awards.

Competition Details

The Imperial Classical Ballet Faculty is delighted to announce that our annual Senior Ballet Awards will take place this year in a new online format as the Solo Performance Awards, making the competition accessible to eligible Society teachers and pupils around the world.

This exciting opportunity offers our global community of members a chance to come together to celebrate and reward emerging young dancers and their teachers; plus winners will be eligible for the Society's Theatre Bursary Awards.

Teachers can enter students in three categories:

  • Senior: 12 yrs and under
  • Pre-Vocational: 14 yrs and under
  • Vocational: 15-18 yrs

Entries are now closed.

Candidates will learn a solo specially created by an guest choreographer - the video and music has been sent to the teacher (Friday 21 May 2021).

Teachers will now record the candidate performing the solo and submit the filmed performance, along with a completed event form, by Monday 21 June 2021

Faculty adjudicators and choreographers will select finalists and winners, and the results will be shared on Wednesday 28 July 2021.

Entry Criteria / Rules

Senior Category  

  • Minimum Grade 3 and 12 years or under on 1 September 2020
  • Solo, maximum duration 1.5 mins
  • Movement vocabulary suitable for Grade 3 & 4  

Pre-Vocational Category    

  • Minimum Grade 5 and 14 years or under on 1 September 2020
  • Solo, maximum duration 1.5 mins
  • Movement vocabulary is suitable for Grade 5, 6 & Intermediate Foundation

Vocational Category    

  • Intermediate or Advanced 1 and 15-18 years on 1 September 2020
  • Repertoire solos, maximum duration 2 mins 
  • Variation A contains modifications for Intermediate candidates 
  • Variation B can be performed on demi pointe or on pointe
  • Both Vocational solos can be danced by male or female candidates. All Vocational candidates will be sent both solos and must select one only.

All candidates must have been with their present ISTD-qualified Imperial Classical Ballet teacher/school for at least nine months before the closing date.

Teachers can enter as many students as they wish.

Entries must be made by a Society teacher and not parents/guardians. Entries can be from any country.

Video submissions must be uploaded by Monday 21 June 2021.

Entrants should perform the solo as dressed for ballet class.


1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded in each category and winners will receive medals by post.

All prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the adjudicators. The adjudicators’ decision is final, individual feedback will not be provided.

Either the Senior or the Pre-Vocational winner will be eligible for the Society Theatre Bursary Awards 2022.

The Vocational winner will be eligible for the Society Theatre Bursary Awards 2022.

Video Guidance

Upon submission of the entry fee, a Dropbox link will be located at the bottom of the Eventbrite PDF ticket, where competitors' videos can be uploaded securely.

Video submissions must be uploaded by Monday 21 June 2021.

Candidates must write clearly the category they are entering and dancer name on an A4 sheet and be held by the competitor/s in clear sight at the start of the video.

Competitor/s body and feet must be clearly visible on the recording throughout.

Video submissions must be clearly named as ‘Teacher name-Dancer name-Entry category’.

It is of paramount importance that the video is of good visual quality and that the music can be heard. Videos of poor quality may affect the result of entries. A plain light-coloured background is ideal, if possible.

All Videos should be submitted in MP4 format.

All Videos should be recorded in LANDSCAPE orientation.

Health & Safety

Safe dance practice is paramount.

Teachers should ensure their competitors are fully warmed up beforehand and perform the dances in a safe manner, which will not cause injury, ensuring the area chosen to dance is suitable and clear from any obstructions.

Teachers should upload videos to the secure Dropbox via the link provided by the Society. Once the footage is transferred, this should be deleted from your device and not stored.

Terms & Conditions

Anyone competing in this online event does so at their own risk. The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing will not accept any responsibility for any injury howsoever caused.

When entry ticket sales close a media consent form will be circulated to those who have entered the Awards. Written consent must be obtained for competitors and any additional performers from parents/carers/guardians before submitting video/s.

By entering the competitor’s video, you have agreed on the competitor’s behalf, if they are selected as a winner or for any commendation, for their name and footage of them dancing, to be published on public media platforms and publications (incl. the Society website and social media channels).

Upon submission of your application on the competitor’s behalf you are agreeing to the criteria set above, and that you agree to adhere to health and safety regulations and the competition rules.

Winners entry video footage may be kept and used by the Society for any promotional purposes for up to two years, all other video entries will be deleted within 10 working days of winners and commendations being announced.

No refunds are payable once an entry has been made and payment received.

The Awards can only run if a certain number of entries are received. If insufficient entries are received, the competition may not be viable and in this case entry fees will be returned. Competitors must be made aware of this by their teacher in advance. If the competition cannot take place teachers will be informed by email.