Online Set Dance Competition 2021 LIVE

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Start Date - Sun, 04 Jul 2021 10:00

End Date - Sun, 04 Jul 2021 14:00

Venue - Online

Style - Disco, Freestyle & Rock 'n' Roll


The DFR Faculty invite pupils of all Society members from around the globe to take part in our DFR Online Set Dance Competition.

Competition Details

As the global pandemic continues the DFR Faculty will be starting the area competitions online with a LIVE online Set Dance event.

We wanted to provide an opportunity for dancers to once again take part in a "live" event whilst still complying with COVID restrictions in their individual areas. The event will be held online via Zoom with each competitor dancing in their own safe space.

Participants will perform their set dances (as per the DFR Set Dance DVD 2021) for a panel of independent adjudicators.

As per a live event, competitors will be recalled throughout the event within their categories culminating in a live final with a live announcement of the finalists and their placings.

Each competitor will receive a digital certificate and finalists will receive a digital certificate and trophy.

The music will be streamed over Zoom.

Tickets are available to purchase now for £11

Scroll down or visit our eventbrite page here.

There will be an opportunity for family members to spectate. Spectator tickets can only be sold via a Society teacher and MUST be known to the competitors taking part, i.e. family members or close friends.

Spectator tickets £7.20

Entry Criteria / Rules

All competitors must be entered by a Society professional who is in receipt of the 2021 Set Dance DVD, and has agreed to the terms & conditions stated here. Teachers will only be eligible to enter pupils upon purchase of the Set Dance DVD 2021.

Competitors must take part from a hall or studio ONLY, supervised by a Society teacher.

A unique number will be allocated to each competitor and this MUST be worn on the front whilst competing. Organisers will NOT provide a second number but competitors may make a duplicate to wear on the back. 

Changing from one age group to another (Juvenile to Junior / Junior to Adult) dancer may drop one level for Silver and above. i.e. Juvenile Gold to Junior Silver, Junior GS/Awards to Adult Gold.

A competitor is only allowed to dance in one category in each event - grade must be relevant to age and level of the last examination taken.

Competitors must be ISTD Disco/Freestyle / Rock ‘n’ Roll full medallists (not One Dance Tests). Any competitor may be able to participate if a valid exam was taken in 2019.

These competitions are for amateurs only. Anyone in full time training or teacher training is NOT allowed to enter. See notes below.

Training / Assistance whilst performing is strictly forbidden.

Please refer to and follow the current 2021 rules for competition guidance and dress. Below.

The adjudicators and organisers decision is final.

Rules for Teachers


In light of the challenges faced by teachers due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on examination sessions the following will apply for 2021 only:

  • The time frame in which a competitor’s examination medal will remain valid for will be extended for 2021. Any competitor may be able to participate if a valid exam was taken in 2019.
  • The 3 month dispensation rule has been removed.
  • Competitors will dance in their qualifying age group (Set Dance and /or Rock n Roll) for Grand Finals but for any supporting events held on the same day they must compete at their current age and level.
  • Pupils new to Society competitions who have not had the opportunity of taking their first exam due to the COVID-19 pandemic may still enter at Social Dance Test or below level for 2021 competitions only.

Qualifying Rules for Set Dance


  • Eligibility: Competitors must hold a valid Disco/Freestyle FULL medal for Set Dance events and dance in the correct age group / examination level. Any competitor may be able to participate if a valid exam was taken in 2019.
  • A competitor may only qualify in ONE age group / level and once qualified a competitor may not enter this event in another area.
  • Training / assistance whilst performing is strictly forbidden other than the authorised marker for U6 Set Dance.

Set Dance Rules

Dances must be performed as shown on the current year’s Set Dance Video recordings

Dress Regulations

Make-up: none for U10s, simple make-up for O10s.

YES: Any suitable practice wear - 1 or 2 pieces.

Suitable footwear compulsory for Street style / Rock ‘n’ Roll style dances - trainers/jazz shoes

NO: No visible logos (except on trainers). Layering of clothing is not allowed.

No godets / skirts / hoods / combat trousers, no decoration / sparkle / shimmer fabrics, no glitz of any kind on costume / face / hair / footwear, no knee pads as visible accessory,

No ballet shoes.

IMPORTANT - Any visible underwear will count as one of a maximum of two pieces of suitable dancewear, excluding flesh-coloured tights (and socks in the case of Set Dance) which can also be worn.

NOTE: Loss of amateur status (can no longer compete)

  • Passes a teaching entrance examination (student teacher or above) in any of the Dancesport or theatre faculties within any teaching organisation.
  • Acting as a teacher in any capacity with or without remuneration
  • Dancing within a professional capacity
  • Attending dance college whereby fees are required or whereby a scholarship may have been offered.

Video Guidance

Each competitor will ideally require a separate device for filming and will need to name the device on entering the waiting room as per the details provided by the organiser. 

If this is not possible, the same device can be used if the competitor from each school is dancing in a different heat. The teacher will need to rename the device for each competitor.

The dancer should be visible on the device and all personal items should be removed from view.

Recording of this event in any way is not permitted e.g. phone cameras / screen recording / etc.

Internet Connection

You will need a good internet connection; please ensure you test the speed of the internet. If your internet connection is poor, you can try connecting to your mobile phone data using your personal hotspot. We strongly advise you to check your network provider's charges before doing this. The event is not responsible for any bad internet connection and events will not be re-run. 

If you are competing from the same venue as other dancers, please join your own hotspot and do not share Wi-Fi. If too many people are logged onto the same internet connection, it will become very slow. It is your responsibility to ensure that your internet connection is secure and reliable.

 This is a live event, and the organiser can hold no responsibility for loss of internet connection or device failure during the event.

Health & Safety

You will ensure you have a suitable space to dance, to move freely and to be clear of any obstacles and to adhere to all current COVID guidelines.

Teachers are responsible for their own pupils’ safety during this event. Teachers are responsible for any pupil under the age of 18 and must ensure that consent has been obtained for the pupil to appear on Zoom. Competitors must be always supervised by an adult with an enhanced DBS whilst the event is in progress.

Other precautions should be taken where deemed necessary to help protect your identity and those around you.

Terms & Conditions

Anyone competing (or partnering) at any Society event does so at their own risk. The Society will not accept any responsibility for any injury or situation – a signed disclaimer form to be sent to organiser before event.

In purchasing tickets for this event, you have agreed to the rules, regulations, terms & conditions laid out on this page. Please read all of the information carefully before buying tickets.

By purchasing tickets, you confirm that competitors have read and agreed to the competition safety guidelines. Principals of schools must ensure all teachers involved in preparing pupils for the competitions are fully aware and understand the competition rules.

Teachers are responsible for Under 18s and must ensure that parent/guardian consent has been obtained for them to appear on the Zoom platform, these competitors must be always supervised by an adult with an enhanced DBS whilst the event is in progress.

Photographs my be taken on the day by the Society or DFR Faculty and could be used for promotional purposes. Media release forms must be completed for each competitor, where applicable.

The Society accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to you, persons around, your property or your identity.  Other precautions should be taken where deemed necessary to help protect your identity and those around you. 

The Society will not be held responsible for any person in breach of their current country / local regulations. 

The promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend any session within this event and these terms and conditions without notice. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the organiser.

Please observe professional courtesy and if any teacher has concerns that need to be raised during the competition day, please email us using dfr@istd.org

Any complaint regarding eligibility at any competition must be submitted to the DFR Faculty Committee in writing by an ISTD professional.

The integrity of the teacher is relied upon to ensure that the behaviour and conduct of their group sets a good example and does not disturb the enjoyment of others and the smooth running of the event.


Ticket Information

Participant tickets - £11

Spectator Tickets - £7.20

Sales end on 27 June 2021

No Refunds