Showdance Competition

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Start Date - Mon, 24 May 2021

End Date - Mon, 02 Aug 2021

Venue - Online

Style - Modern Ballroom, Latin American & Sequence Dance

Competition Details

Our Online Showdance Competition is back!

This is the first online competition led by our Dancesport Faculties (Modern Ballroom, Latin American, Alternative Rhythms and Sequence Dance). Due to the ongoing pandemic this event was postponed, but we are thrilled to welcome your entries once again.

Open to Society Members, Teachers, and their pupils globally - this friendly competition allows for dancers to perform a dance up to 90 seconds in length.

Tickets are available now and will close Wednesday 14 July 2021. Purchase your tickets by scrolling down or visit our eventbrite page here.

Video submissions are due by Wednesday 21 July 2021. Details of where to upload your videos will be included on your order confirmation.

Winners will be announced Monday 2 August 2021. All entrants will receive a certificate of participation. Winners will receive prizes.

Entry Criteria / Rules

All competitors must be entered by a Society member / Teachers. Only these teachers are permitted to submit entry videos via the link provided.

These competitions are for amateurs only. Anyone in full time training or teacher training is NOT allowed to enter. 

A competitor is only allowed to dance in one age category in each event.

Entries can be either a solo performance or a couple performance. 

The performance should be no longer than 90 seconds in length and should include any Ballroom, Latin, Sequence or Alternative Rhythm dance and could be a segue of a couple of different dances of the performers choice (i.e. Waltz & Rumba or Salsa & Two Step)

Age categories are as follows:

  1. Under 8s
  2. Juvenile (aged 8 - 11)
  3. Junior (aged 12 - 15)
  4. 21 & Under (aged 16 - 21)
  5. Adult (aged 22 - 49)
  6. Senior (aged 50 and over)

Numbers must be worn on the back. You will be provided with a competitor number once tickets have been purchased (teachers to provide the relevant number for the pupil to wear). Please do NOT upload videos to the portal without your allocated number.

Dress code: No logos or dance school branded clothing, any other practice or competitive dancewear is acceptable. Suitable footwear is compulsory.

Make-up: Simple make up for under 12s.

No coaching / assistance allowed in any age category.

Video submissions of pupils performing the relevant Set Dance should be uploaded to our secure platform by Wednesday 21 July 2021. Details of where to upload your videos will be included on your order confirmation. No late entries will be accepted.

Please note that results could be effected if the video submissions are not labelled correctly. Therefore, please clearly specify the teacher's code and competitor number on each video as assigned.

The adjudicators decision is final.

Video Guidance

Competitors full body must be clearly visible on the recording throughout.

Routines should be filmed continuously and exceed no more than 90 seconds.

Upon purchase of tickets and checking of eligibility, teachers will receive a link to upload their competitor’s videos securely.

It is of paramount importance that the video is of good visual quality and that the music can be heard. 

Videos of poor quality may result in your entry not being considered for the competition. Indoor recordings are preferable.

Please ensure the competitor number is clearly visible at all times. 

Teachers may count their competitor in to begin the routine but this should not be audible on the recording.

Competitors should announce their number only. Not name.

When uploading please title your video with the following information:

  1. School code (this will be given when numbers are allocated to your pupils)
  2. Competitor number

Example: AA065 (AA= School code, 65 = Competitor number).

Health & Safety

Safe Dance Practice / Floor craft are paramount.

Teachers should ensure their dancers warm up beforehand and perform the dances in a safe way, which will not cause injury, ensuring the area chosen to dance is suitable and clear from any obstructions.

For security reasons, it is preferable that teachers use a recording device with (preferably password protected) memory card. If teachers choose to use a mobile device, the footage should be uploaded immediately to the secure link provided by the Society. Once the competitor has been filmed and the footage transferred, this should be deleted from the mobile device.

Terms & Conditions

Anyone competing in this online event does so at their own risk. The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing will not accept any responsibility for any injury or situation.

Please ensure that you have obtained written consent from parents/carers/guardians before submitting your video.

Principals – please ensure all your teachers involved in preparing pupils for the competitions are fully aware and understand the competition rules.

The integrity of the teacher is relied upon to ensure that the rules are followed by all participants to enable the smooth running of the event.

The Ballroom, Latin & Sequence faculties may produce a video of the winners to display on public platforms. Please ensure that your pupils are aware and have agreed for video footage to be used for this purpose.

By purchasing tickets, you are agreeing to the criteria set above and that you agree to adhere to health and safety regulations and the competitor rules.

All video entries will be deleted by Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing within 10 working days of the final announcements except those of the event’s winners which will be kept on file for 18 months.

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