The 5 Pillars of Dance Business Development

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Start Date - Thu, 20 May 2021

End Date - Thu, 20 May 2021

Venue - Online


NEW for 2021, a series of courses for dance teachers focused on business development. We have been working closely with Dance Business Coach, Deborah Laws to explore how we can support dance teachers in growing and evolving their businesses.

Course Details

2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year for all and we hope that these courses will inspire you whilst also guiding through your planning and strategy for 2021. It is an opportunity to share good practice, problem solve and learn from one another and most importantly to realise that you are not alone, that support is on hand.

As an expert in her field, Deborah has developed a series of five courses for the Society enabling teachers to plan for the future with 5 key areas of focus. These courses are suitable for the trainee teacher curious about the industry, beginner teachers setting up their practice and also for experienced teachers who want to explore alternative methods to inspire and revive business.

All courses will be held digitally. A link to join the meeting will be included on your purchase confirmation email.

1. Strategy

The Blueprint for Success

The key to any project is successful planning and this first session will focus on your strategic aims and objectives for success – growing and evolving your dance business. ‘The Blueprint for Success’

What you will learn: How to manage and organise the smooth running of your school using free software with an introduction and demonstration of Trello. How to develop a system to aid time management and reduce dance studio owner overwhelm.

This session took place in January 2021.

2. Team

Leading your Team to Greater Success

It is not always easy leading a team of creative and passionate teachers. Knowing how to resolve issues and get the very best out of your team requires leadership skills.

What you will learn: How to explore ways to add value to your teachers professional development so they may see your school as a valuable and fulfilling place to work. How to bring your team together so they act, behave and embrace your school’s values creating harmony throughout your business.

This session took place in February 2021.

3. Attraction

The 5 Key Areas to Attracting New Students

In this session we will discover the importance of using a multi-faceted approach to marketing.

What you will learn: What are the key methods to attract and how to consistently roll out your marketing plan term in term out.

This session took place in March 2021

4. Retention

Master the Community and the Rest Takes Care of Itself

They say people come for the classes but stay for the community! Do you know how to achieve the culture in your school that will create a family of dancers happy to stay a lifetime?

What you will learn: To explore why the community is the foundation and key to growth. Explore ways to design an all inclusive, thriving and close family that will become your biggest advocates thus improving your word of mouth strategies and growth of your schools.

This session took place in April 2021

5. Systems

Creating the Processes and Systems for Freedom

We all know how much time we spend in the daily running of our dance schools. many dance bosses could hugely benefit from embracing new systems and processes that will remove hours of unnecessary administrative tasks.

What you will learn: Explore the possibilities and just what technology can do for us. How to free up hours of time and run a more consistent professional business, building trust and reputation.

Date: Thursday 20 May 2021

Time: 11:00 - 12:30 (BST)

Meet the Lecturer

Deborah Laws

Deborah is a Dance Business Expert and likes to call herself a ‘multi passionate danceprenuer’! She is the founder of Dance Business Lab, which is her new company set up to help dance business owners work less and earn more while creating the school of their dreams. She does this within her dance boss business coaching programmes as well as producing individual trainings and giving advice and knowledge on her social media platforms.

Deborah trained at Laine Theatre Arts and went on to run multiple dance schools and franchise theatre schools for more than 27 years across the South West of England, finally selling her last school in December 2020.

She became a Modern and Tap examiner for the Society 5 years ago and still runs her approved centre delivering DDE and Licentiate qualifications. Deborah has been a Society regional representative for over 20 years for the South West of England.

Three years ago Deborah decided to study business in the dance sector after feeling that dance business entrepreneurs simply weren't receiving their desired results often due to the lack of available business training in our sector. She embarked on a journey of learning which saw her travel the world learning from the top Dance Business Coaches across the globe. Now she is dedicated and passionate about inspiring dance school principals to embrace learning more about business to achieve success.

She very much looks forward to working with our members by delivering our new business development seminars and welcoming more into her programmes.

Visit www.dancebusinesslab.com

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