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3 February 2021

Our Online Choreographic Competition was created to encourage young dancers to continue to do what they love in these challenging times. Our aim? To provide the stimulus to encourage creative processes and promote what can be achieved in dance at the moment, rather than what cannot. 

                                         Cecchetti dancer in pink dress  Cecchetti dancer in studio

The Competition


At a time when we are distanced physically, our young dancers came together in spirit and produced some remarkably creative pieces.  

The adjudicator, Susan Lucas (LISTD), Dip. RBS (PDTC) former Senior Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet was encouraging and thoughtful in her adjudication presentation. Susan was ideally suited to the role of adjudicator for this competition, having been a former entrant in her younger years (when the adjudicators featured none other than Cyril Beaumont, Margaret Marsh and Ena Child!).

Susan shared with everyone the costume designs she had submitted for her own choreography when this was part of the competition process several years ago – a wonderful insight. She had some very difficult decisions to make but was clear in the reasons for her choices, the results of which are given below.

The competition was supported by a very experienced and knowledgeable team including Demetra Moore, Claire Hern, Lisa Hunter, Belinda Payne and Jane Worsley. Huge appreciation must go to the wonderful Sharon Orme for her extraordinary patience in organising substantial video footage for Susan to view.

With entries from England, Italy, Malta, Scotland, South Africa and Wales this international event brought so many people together at a time when we are distanced physically.

                                         Cecchetti dancer in striped dress



Junior Solo

1st Place

Rosaria Cosulich – “Ship Ahoy!”, Dance Gems. (Teacher: Mary Goodhew)

2nd Place

Yasmine Pullicino – “Life Will Bloom Again”, Nicky's Dance Studio. (Teacher: Nicola Fenech)

3rd Place – Joint

Hope Strong – “I Didn’t Give In to the Bully” Willingdon School of Dance. (Teacher: Glynis Avery)

3rd Place – Joint

Takondwa Simfukwe – “Alouette”, Willingdon School of Dance. (Teacher: Glynis Hall)

Junior Solo (Commended):

Madison Chisholm – “To New Beginnings”, The Lucy Evans Academy of Dance. (Teacher: Lucy Harper)


Junior Duet

1st Place

Ella & Ida Pace – “Fairies and flowers”, Seed Dance Studios. (Teacher: Marisha Bonnici)

2nd Place

Chanel Marie Vella & Eliza Cilia – “My Time”, Nicky's Dance Studio. (Teacher: Nicola Fenech)


Middle Solo

1st Place and Technology Award:

Sydney Duncan – “One Chance, Our Choice”, Kate Simmons Dance. (Teacher: Kate Simmons)

2nd Place

Maya Topolski – “In flight”, Ibstock Place school. (Teacher: Mary Goodhew) 

3rd Place

Anna McMurry – “Down the Rabbit-Hole”, Dance Gems. (Teacher: Mary Goodhew)


Middle Duet

1st Place

Kira Ka Ki & Karmen Ka Yan Kong – “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, LC Dance Academy. (Teacher: Lianne Cheong)

2nd Place

Chloe Ellam & Anna McMurry – “Separated”, Dance Gems. (Teacher: Mary Goodhew)

3rd Place

Emily Licis & Sophie Farrant – “Choose Your Battles Wisely”, Jane Worsley School Of Ballet. (Teacher: Jane Worsley)

Senior Solo

1st Place

Sophie Meacock – “Trapped in Time”, Ibstock Place School/Dance Gems. (Teacher: Mary Goodhew)

2nd Place

Ursula Leyland – “Heart Cry”, Wells School of Dancing. (Teacher: Sarah Wells)

3rd Place

Kimberley Stevens – “Dawn”, Minette de Klerk Dance Academy. (Teacher: Minette de Klerk)

Senior Duet

1st Place

Mariah Scerri & Martha Cassar – “Budding Friendship”, Nicky's Dance Studio. (Teacher: Nicola Fenech)

2nd Place

Lara Debono & Amy Bharwani – “Waltz of the Fairies”, St Michael Foundation. (Teacher: Anne Gatt)


Congratulations and thank you to everybody who entered.

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