APL for DDE and DDI

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) for Level 3 Diploma in Dance Instruction (DDI) and ISTD Level 4 Diploma in Dance Education (DDE)

Depending on experience, there are three routes to assess and recognise prior learning for the DDI and DDE qualifications.

Matching Qualifications

It is an essential requirement that learners who have identical qualifications have identical outcomes for exemptions of the relevant units of these qualifications. The ISTD therefore has created a list of its own, and other dance awarding organisations’ qualifications, in a table of exemptions, mapped by unit to DDI and DDE.  This is available to Approved Dance Centres to discuss relevant exemptions with students before they register for these qualifications. The ISTD automatically recognises those qualifications offered on the National Qualifications Framework, Qualifications and Credit Framework and the Regulatory Qualifications Framework which are offered by Ofqual approved awarding organisations in the same sector and level, and includes certain other established recognised higher level qualifications from those organisations.

The table of exemptions is reviewed and updated as necessary. It does not include overseas qualifications, as these may not be verified.

Certificated evidence of achievement must be sent with the registration form to the ISTD. The ISTD does not charge an extra fee for these exemptions. Once approved, the learner is registered for the qualification with exemption for the relevant unit(s).

Individually Requested Exemptions

If the learner has other learning that relates to units of the DDI/DDE, then the learner can apply for Individually Requested Exemptions, with copies of certificates, which must be signed and dated by the Approved Tutor. They should also include transcripts of modules, and any relevant evidence, depending on the unit exemption being applied for.

If the learner achieves other qualifications whilst already registered for and taking the DDI or DDE, they can apply for exemption at any time as appropriate, with evidence.

The process is free for members, or there is an administration fee of £130.00 for non members.

Exemptions can only be awarded when the learner has certificated learning which is at the same level and covers the same content of that of the DDI and DDE, and therefore all applications will be carefully checked against the relevant DDI or DDE unit’s learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If the learner has experience which is relevant (e.g. teaching experience) they may request Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This is a guided meeting which takes place between the learner and the Approved tutor using forms provided by the ISTD where the Approved Tutor can assess that the content of a particular unit of the DDI or DDE has been covered by the learner’s previous experience.  The decision about whether a learner is an RPL candidate lies solely with the Approved Tutor. Being an RPL candidate will not give the learner exemptions but there are certain benefits in the form of reduced assessments (e.g.: a reduced number of teaching observations). The RPL forms are held on the file by the ADC until the learner is ready to be assessed for the unit at which point the form is sent to ISTD Customer Services and Quality Assurance department as part of the submission paperwork.