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Overview of Initial Qualifications

You can choose from the ISTD's range of initial teaching qualifications depending on the genre(s) you wish to teach, the area you live in the world and whether you are interested in regulated or non-regulated qualifications.

To find out more click on the qualification of your choice in the table below.

If you need further guidance to decide on which qualification is the best for you to meet your future ambitions, the Education & Training team will be delighted to help.

ISTD Initial Qualifications Where do you want to study? What genre/s do you want to study? What type of qualification do you want to study?
Inside  EU Outside EU Theatre Dance Dance-sport Regulated Unregulated



Former DDI/DDE




Student Teacher




Associate Diploma


What are regulated and unregulated qualifications?

For an explanation of these and many other dance terms visit our Glossary of Dance Terms and Qualifications.