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Competition Details

The Classical Greek Faculty are delighted to announce the return of this exciting event. All entries this year will be adjudicated online, with the exception of 'Groups' - this category will be adjudicated alongside the finalists at our LIVE finals which will take place at the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage, in May 2022.

The festival will celebrate the classical Greek genre via a wealth of categories for competitors to enter. Teachers can enter their students for solos, duets, trios/quartets, group dances and group choreography. All finalists (except groups) must submit videos for online adjudication. Group adjudication will take place at the live finals in May.

All competitors will receive certificates of participation. All prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the adjudicators. Finalists will receive certificates and winners will receive awards at the live finals.


Entry tickets available to purchase now until Thursday 10 March 2022.

Please note: As the number of dancers in each Group may vary, you will need to apply for your personal Group Code to accommodate individual requirements. You will then be able to use this on Eventbrite when you purchase your other entries. Please use the following Jot form link to apply for your Groups entry code.

Video submissions must be uploaded by Thursday 10 March 2022.
You will receive Dropbox links in your purchase confirmation email where you can upload your entry videos.

Finalists will be announced on Friday 31 March 2022.

Our LIVE Finals will take place on Sunday 8 May 2022, at the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage, UK.


Contact us:




Entry Criteria

The competition is open to competitors of qualified teachers worldwide. Competitors must be entered by an ISTD qualified teacher, within the age ranges detailed below:


Age Time
Solo A 8 years & under 1.5 mins
Solo B 9 - 10 years 1.5 mins
Solo C 11 - 12 years 2 mins
Solo D 13 - 14 years 2 mins
Premier Solo 15 years + 2 mins
Junior Duet 11 years & under 2.5 mins
Inter Duet 12 - 15 years 2.5 mins
Senior Duet 16 - 21 years 2.5 mins
Junior Trio / Quartet 11 years & under 2.5 mins
Inter Trio / Quartet 12 - 15 years 2.5 mins
Senior Trio / Quartet 16 - 21 years 2.5 mins
Junior Group 11 years & under 4 mins
Inter Group 12 - 15 years 4 mins
Senior Group 15 – 21 years 4 mins
Group Choreography (no less than 4 dancers) any age 5 mins

Solos: The age of the dancer on 1 September 2021 determines the section to be entered. Only one dance per competitor may be submitted.

Duets, Trios, and Quartets: The age of the eldest dancer on 1 September 2021 determines which section the dance will be placed in. More than one entry can be submitted but these must be with different dancers.


Videos must be submitted by qualified dance teachers ONLY. No late entries will be accepted.

Competitors’ body and feet must be clearly visible on the recording throughout.

Make-up and costume – as appropriate for the age range.

Dances to be performed once ONLY.




Video Guidance

Upon submission of the entry fee, there will be a Dropbox link at the bottom of the Eventbrite PDF ticket, where teachers can upload their competitor’s videos securely.

It is of paramount importance that the video is of good visual quality, and the music can be heard. Videos of poor quality may affect the result of entries.

Competitor entry category & title of piece must be written clearly on an A4 sheet and held by the competitor/s in clear sight at the start of the video.

A plain light-coloured background is ideal, if possible.

All videos should be submitted in MP4 format.

All videos should be recorded in LANDSCAPE orientation.

Videos must be submitted by up to date Society teachers ONLY.

Video submissions must be clearly labelled as School name; Entry category; Dancer name/s




Health and Safety

Safe dance practice / floor craft is paramount.

Teachers should ensure their competitors are fully warmed up beforehand and perform the dances in a safe manner, which will not cause injury, ensuring the area chosen to dance is suitable and clear from any obstructions.

For safeguarding and security reasons it is preferable that teachers use a recording device with (preferably password protected) a memory card.

Footage should be uploaded immediately to the secure Dropbox link provided by the Society. Once the footage is transferred, this should be deleted from your device and not stored.




Terms and Conditions

Anyone competing in the online event does so at their own risk. The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing will not accept any responsibility for any injury or illness howsoever caused.

Principals and Teachers – Please ensure all teachers involved in preparing pupils for the competition, are fully aware and understand the competition rules.

The Adjudicators’ decision is final and no correspondence regarding their decision will be permitted.  Individual feedback will not be provided.

The data received on the entry form will be kept securely and used for the purposes of administrating this event. After a reasonable time, this will be destroyed. No data will be shared with any person or group outside the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

A media consent form may be circulated to those who have booked tickets. Written consent must be obtained for participants/competitors and any additional performers from parents/carers/guardians before submitting recorded footage/taking part in the event.

By entering the competitor’s video, you have agreed on the competitor’s behalf, that if they are selected as a winner or for any commendation, their name and footage of them dancing, may be used by the Society for media and marketing purposes.

Video footage may be kept and used by the Society for promotional purposes for up to 2 years.

No refunds are payable once tickets are purchased and payment received*.

Where the Candidate tests positive for Covid-19, via a PCR and the period of compulsory self-isolation means they are unable to attend the event, a full credit note will be issued. Credit note is to be used within 24 months of the event date and refunds will not be issued.

Upon submission of your application on the competitor’s behalf you are agreeing to the criteria set above and you agree to adhere to health and safety regulations and the competitor rules.

*The ability to run this competition is based on a minimum number of entries being received. Should this minimum number not be reached, we may have to cancel the event and issue a refund. Competitors must be made aware of this by their teacher in advance. If the competition cannot take place teachers will be advised by email used to purchased tickets.




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