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Competition Details

The Classical Greek Faculty are delighted to announce the return of this exciting event.

The festival celebrates the classical Greek genre via a wealth of categories. All entries this year were adjudicated online, with the exception of 'Groups' - this category will be adjudicated alongside the finalists at our LIVE finals which will take place on Sunday 8 May 2022, at the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage, UK.



Purchase your Finals ticket/s for your competitors/s by Friday 22 April 2022. No entries by the deadline will assume competitors do not wish to take up their finalist place.

Group tickets have already been purchased. Only Group entries as entered previously will be allowed to dance on the day. Each group category will dance as a complete competition with winners being announced at the end of the section.

 Entry to the venue will be via ticket only. 

Spectator tickets:

In advance via Eventbrite (wristbands sent in advance) - Full day £10, concession £6 | Half day £6, concession £3

On the door (Card payment only) - Full day £12, concession £8 | Half day £8, concession £5


All competitors will receive certificates. All prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the adjudicators. Finalists will receive certificates, winners of each section will receive cups and trophies, and special awards will also be presented.

A representative must be available to collect special awards on behalf of any competitor/s who have left the building. Times given in the programme.


Please note:

No personal photography or video is permitted within the auditorium.

An independent photographer will be in attendance - photographs will be available to purchase.


Contact us:


Entry Criteria & Rules

All competitors must have been entered by a qualified dance teacher.

Only those selected as finalists may enter the competition at this stage.


Age Time
Solo A 8 years & under 1.5 mins
Solo B 9 - 10 years 1.5 mins
Solo C 11 - 12 years 2 mins
Solo D 13 - 14 years 2 mins
Premier Solo 15 years + 2 mins
Junior Duet 11 years & under 2.5 mins
Inter Duet 12 - 15 years 2.5 mins
Senior Duet 16 - 21 years 2.5 mins
Junior Trio / Quartet 11 years & under 2.5 mins
Inter Trio / Quartet 12 - 15 years 2.5 mins
Senior Trio / Quartet 16 - 21 years 2.5 mins
Junior Group 11 years & under 4 mins
Inter Group 12 - 15 years 4 mins
Senior Group 15 – 21 years 4 mins
Group Choreography (no less than 4 dancers) Any age 5 mins

Solos: The age of the dancer on 1 September 2021 determines the section to be entered. Only one dance per competitor may be submitted.

Duets, Trios, and Quartets: The age of the eldest dancer on 1 September 2021 determines which section the dance will be placed in.


No late entries will be accepted.

Make-up and costume – as appropriate for the age range.

The programme has been designed with safety in mind and the potential to manage any COVID restrictions brought into place.

Music should be provided in CD format with a back up copy. One track only per CD. These must be clearly labelled and handed in to the designated area well before the section and be collected by the end of the day.

Titles should be handed in prior to the section. Synopsis should be no longer than 30 words.




Finalists Results

Heats Adjudicators

Feedback on the online heats from our adjudicators:

"It was an absolute joy to adjudicate so many entries in our online heats for the Classical Greek Dance festival, with such a lovely standard of work being seen. Congratulations to all the competitors and their teachers for some creative and inspired choreography and dynamic performances in the solos, duets, trios and quartets - a wide range of the styles of Classical Greek was seen.

It is going to be a wonderfully entertaining live final in May. I hope that everyone will be there to support their dancers and schools flying the flag for our very special dance genre."

- Alison Seddon


"It has been a real pleasure to adjudicate some of the online heats for the 2022 Classical Greek Dance Festival and I was very impressed by the quality of everyone’s online submissions - the care and consideration given by the teachers should be applauded.

The work was varied and interesting, covering a wide range of subjects and themes - and in the most part technically secure. It reminded me again just how wonderful Classical Greek dance is for encouraging expression and movement quality and for developing creativity.

Huge congratulations to all who entered and all good luck to those going through to the live finals."

- Carol Vasko


The following are FINALISTS and invited to the Gordon Craig Theatre Stevenage on Sunday 8 May


Solo A

Megan Smith At the end of the Rainbow
Erin Brehaut Bluebird
Lauren Gardner Dryad: Spirit of the Forest
Sailor Mullen Golden Slumbers
Isla Trimble Little Mermaid
Molly Denscombe Rose Fairy
Matilda Briggs Spring Returns
Alice Codd The little Flame Fairy explores her craft
Bethany Lynch The Rain Fairy
Lilac Willow Howe To a Child Dancing in the Wind


Solo B
Elsie Cann A Ray of Sunshine
Maia Piecha Artemis Goddess of Young Children
Lily Lewin Beside the Willow
Erin Cafferkey Forest Fire
Brooke Reilly His Eye is on the Sparrow
Doris Garrod Kingfisher
Sophie Hawe Kione, Goddess of Snow and Ice
Alex Williams Mischievous Woodland Nymph
Emilia Lane Morning Dew
Beatrice Carpenter My Dancing Day
Bella Digby Pan challenges Apollo to a Music Contest
Francesca Ionascu Poppies
Lily Hurrell Sunshine
Mya Curtis Tell me I'm not Dreaming
Mia Le Roux The Dandelion Clock
Matilda Blackwell The Dream
Saskia Porter The Mischievous Moonsprite
Charlotte Murray The Sunflower
Ayla Orsborn To the Fairyland Afar
Ava Burstin Will o' the Wisp

Solo C

Matilda Lawson Artemis Kills Orion
Grace Cann Aura, Goddess of the Morning Breeze
Isla Seymore Child of War
Kitty Steer Euterpe
Millie Wyatt Exultate Jubilate
Emily Rohenhurst I Remember
Tilly Annable Morning has Broken
Cai Hoyte Nerites Takes Revenge on Poseidon
Katie Walter Offering to Hera, Queen of the Heavens
Freya Smith Phoebe, Moon Goddess and Conjuror of Silver Light
Molly Ferrier Pirate of the Aegean
Mia Ward The Cloths of Heaven
Aoife Gallagher The New Ball
Amelia Czajaka The Phoenix Rises
Lauren Travers The Saviours Word
Daria Budusan The Slave
Scout Mullen The Watermill
Thea Rich-Spice Styx, Goddess of the Underworld
Lilly-Grace Nicolle Water Sprite
Daisy-Fleur Howe Wild Swans


Solo D

Lexi Coggin A Simple Gift
Evie Dicks Air
Oceana Adams Atalanta
Serena Festivo Atalanta and the Apple
Piper Mullen Auguries of Innocence- the Journey from Childhood to Experience
Holly Pryke-Smith Cyrene
Olivia Wiltshire Ebb and Flow
Chloe Taylor How can you tell someone that you're hurting?
Amelie Sheridan Nereid: Rain on the River
Jake Taylor Night Terror
Holly McAlindon Olympic Preparations
Rosie Dunn Penelope waits for Odysseus
Hannah Keogh Phillia's Love Spell
Emily Savage Phosphorous, the Morning Star, blazes a trail across the Heavens
Ques-li De Bruin Protector of the Forest
Viviana McKean The Lark Ascending
Mesha Facey The Life of a Rose
Ava Merolla The River of Forgetfulness
Ellie Harle The Storm
Maddy De'ath The Story of Niobe
Lola Yarker Thinking of You
Tayla Mae Pickering To a Daffodil
Sophia Eisenhuth Training for the Spartan Games
Amber Murray Urania, Muse of Astronomy
Teagan Walker Wife of Ceyx
Rachel Stott Words of Solace and Encouragement


Solo Premier

Sian O'Keeffe Aleyone weeps for Ceyx eventually turning into a Kingfisher
Grace Davison Artemis: The Accidental Killing of Orion
Caitlin Coggin Athena accidentally kills her best friend, Pallas, whilst playing
Francesca Allen Athena, protector of Athens
Imogen Pohl Bacchae of Euripidies
Leah Farrant Demeter the Goddess of the Harvest
Ariana Nedelcu Devestation
Charlotte Kennedy Electra gets revenge on her Mother after her Father's death
Lucy Bullock Enyo Goddess of War
Georgia Mackness Fashioned from water and clay, and brought to life by the breath of the Four Winds, Pandora was created by the Gods to work mischief for Men
Evie Paddison First Light
Lucy Gilbert Gaea, Goddess of Earth
Hannah Digby Green Waves
Caitlin Garbutt In Mourning
Imogen Burn In Remembrance
Beatriz Kingsmill-Smith Let the River Run
Hannah Richards Medea's Anguish
Scarlett Bolwell Medusa
Ella Howe Offerings to Khrysothemis
Isobel Lamb Pandora’s Box
Lili Skye Howe Paranoia
Bethany Tolhurst-McWatt Green Peace - a poem by Rupert Brooke
Harriet Lowe Sanctus
Poppy Joy Siren
Molly Barnes Strike the Tambour
Topaz Alger The Sphinx of Thebes
Eleanor Achurch The Vanishing face of Gaia- a final warning from Mother Earth


Duet Junior

Sailor Mullen & Elsie Cann Lullaby for the World
Fearne Gibbs & Millie Wyatt Once upon a Time
Isla Belle Trimble & Lilac Willow Howe Sun and Wind from Aesop’s Fable
Lily Lewin & Florence Henderson The Holly and the Ivy
Erin and Isla Cafferjey The Moth and the Flame
Olivia Brooks & Evie Rush The North Wind and the Sun


Duet Intermediate

Emily & Tilly Day and Night
Kitty Steer and Teagan Walker Demeter and Persephone
Lola & Abigail Halleluiah
E Achurch & E Paddison Highland Storm
Jasmine Campion & Lucie May Coombes Meeting at the Water's Edge
Amelie Bowden & Serena Festivo Persephone is kidnapped by Hades
Charlotte Kennedy and Jemima Gosling Synopsis (spoken)
Elouise Nickols and Bailey Bishop Terpsichore and Euterpe
Emily Savage & Lexi Coggin The boy God, Apollo, seeks and slays the Python
Martha Atkinson & Asha Warren  The Gift of Music


Duet Senior

Caitlin Garbutt & Beatriz Kingsmill-Smith Achilles encounters his mother, Thetis, prior to the Siege of Troy
Soraya Miller & Agatha Swenson Death be not Proud
Daisy Smedley & Lucy Gilbert Everyone has a Purpose
Lili Skye Howe & Vivianna McKean Gemini the Twins
Hannah Digby & Ronalee Galhena Gloria Alleluia
Bethany Tolhurst-McWatt Green & Madison Wootton-Porte Preparing for Battle - Spartan women defend the homestead
Francesca Allen & Ariana Nedelcu Spartan Warriors

Trio/Quartet Junior

Lily Lewin, Aida Diedhiou & Florence Henderson A Childhood Forsaken
Katie, Zoe & Molly Fairies of the Sea
Brooke Reill, Sophie Frame & Charlotte Murray For the Beauty of the Earth
Charlotte Meades, Olivia Lane & Isla Withers Pixies at Play
Olivia Brooks, Fearne Gibbs & Evie Rush The Song Nymphs
Bella Digby, Niamh Gallacher & Tifani Veg Waterlilies


Trio/Quartet Intermediate

Vivanna, Shannon & Ruby Aurora
Skye Reilly, Ava Merolla, Isabelle Barry & Ellie Janeba Celebrating the Harvest in honour of Demeter
Chloe Taylor, Asha Warren, Ellie Harle & Martha Atkinson Out of the Deep
Lexi Coggin, Molly Ferrier, Lucy Hoti & Emily Savage The Four Winds
Tilly, Erin & Amelia The River
Jasmine Campion, Rachel Stott & Lucie May Coombes To a Skylark

Trio/Quartet Senior

Caitlin Garbutt, Georgia Mackness, Evie Paddison & Beatriz Kingsmill-Smith Born of Chao, the goddess Nyx in turn brings the goddesses of Retribution, Pain and Deceit into being
Ysabella Garcia, Harriet Lowe, Madison Wootton-Porter Joy
  New Millennium Maenads
Sian, Molly & Imogen Requiem for a Soldier
Soraya Miller, Bethany Tolhurst, McWatt Green & Agatha Swenson Sancta Mater
Annabelle Davey, Imogen Pohl, Isabella Samuel & Emily Shanks The Four Seasons


Health and Safety

Safe dance practice / floor craft is paramount.

Teachers should ensure their competitors are fully warmed up beforehand and perform the dances in a safe manner, which will not cause injury.



Each school will be allocated a dressing room.

Parents will be allowed into the dressing room to change their own children.

Each school must provide enough licensed chaperones to both supervise their allocated dressing room area and accompany competitors backstage and to the wings.

1 licensed chaperone per 12 competitors is required. Names and license numbers will be required from each school.



Terms and Conditions

Anyone competing in the online event does so at their own risk. The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing will not accept any responsibility for any injury or illness howsoever caused.

Upon booking tickets you are agreeing on the student's behalf to the criteria set above and you agree to adhere to health and safety regulations and the competitor rules. 

The integrity of the teacher is relied upon to ensure that the rules are followed by all participants to enable a smooth running of the event.

The Society accepts no responsibility for copyright, recording, or performing rights for any music used.

The Adjudicators’ decision is final and no correspondence regarding their decision will be permitted.  Individual feedback will not be provided.

A media consent form may be circulated to those who have booked tickets, after ticket sales have ended. Written consent must be obtained for participants/competitors and any additional performers from parents/carers/guardians before taking part in the event.

You have agreed on the competitor’s behalf, that if they are selected as a winner or for any commendation, their name and footage of them dancing, may be used by the Society for media and marketing purposes.

Winning and commendation footage may be kept and used by the Society for promotional purposes for up to 2 years.

No refunds are payable once tickets are purchased and payment received*.

Where the Candidate tests positive for Covid-19, via a PCR and the period of compulsory self-isolation means they are unable to attend the event, a full credit note will be issued. Credit note is to be used within 24 months of the event date and refunds will not be issued.

*The ability to run this competition is based on a minimum number of entries being received. Should this minimum number not be reached, we may have to cancel the event and issue a refund. Competitors must be made aware of this by their teacher in advance. If the competition cannot take place teachers will be advised by email used to purchased tickets.




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