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Events on 2 December 2012

Grandison Clark Awards 2009 - photo by Instill


  1. Grandison Clark Awards 2012

    Grandison Clark Awards 2012

    Sunday 2 Dec   |   Avon Valley School, Newbold Road, Rugby CU21 1EH

    The National Dance Faculty Committee look forward to welcoming the support of all teachers from previous years as well as any teacher new to the competition.


  2. Cecchetti Choreographic Workshop

    Cecchetti Choreographic Workshop

    Sunday 2 Dec   |   Arlington Arts Centre, Mary Hare, Newbury, Berkshire

    Choreographic Workshop 'Let's Make A Ballet'


  3. Sequence Medallist Competition (Bournemouth)

    Sequence Medallist Competition (Bournemouth)

    Sunday 2 Dec   |   Hotel Piccadilly, Bournemouth

    All ages (not a qualifying event)