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Creation 2017


Date: Sunday 12 Nov 2017 Start time: Jazz & West End Workshops: 10am. Creation: 3pm
Venue: Bird College, Alma Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 4ED
Country: United Kingdom Faculty: Modern Theatre
Creation 2017

Event summary:

A Modern Theatre Faculty competition for dance students to develop and display their own choreographic talents

Event details:

The ISTD Modern Theatre Faculty presents

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A competition for dance students to develop and display their choreographic talents. 

In memory of Miss Doreen Bird.

A wonderful opportunity for students to explore various aspects of choreography and have their dancers perform to a renowned audience. 

Prizes include the Mary Archbutt Trophy for Artistry and scholarships to Bird College International Summer School.


  • Please enter the section based on the age of choreographer on 1st November 2017. Junior: 10–12 years / Senior: 13–15 years / Premier: 16–18 years 
  • A minimum of three performers in each piece
  • One or more children may choreograph a number in the Junior section. Entries in the Senior and Premier sections must have only one named choreographer
  • Choreographers may choose to perform in their own piece and/or choreograph for any age range. The choreography may be of any style within the Modern genre
  • TIME LIMITS: Trios and Quartets: 3 minutes; Groups (5+ dancers): 4 minutes 
  • ENTRY FEES: Trio: £15.00; Quartet: £20.00; Group: £25.00

Closing date for entries: Monday 16th October 2017

For Creation entry forms and/or workshop booking forms: Elizabeth Reeves, elizabeth@bettywivell.com

Jazz & West End Workshops 2017

Preceding the Creation choreographic competition.

£10 Participant fee

A morning of Modern Theatre workshops for children and students aged 8–18 years. 

Limited numbers. Prior booking essential.

For workshop booking forms, email Elizabeth Reeves at elizabeth@bettywivell.com

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