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Competition details

Following on from the hugely popular online CREATION and West End Repertoire competitions, the Modern Theatre Faculty have created the International Modern Theatre Awards for all of our teachers and dancers across the globe, in celebration and reflection of their ongoing work and talent in the Modern Theatre genre.

The International Awards class format consists of a Set Warm-Up from the syllabus and two bespoke and contrasting unset sequences choreographed by industry artists. Teachers will enter their competitors in either the Junior or Senior section and will receive video links to the two unset sequences to teach their students. (Please see entry criteria for full class details).

Entrants will have the opportunity to be nominated as the Modern Theatre Faculty representative for our annual Theatre Bursary Awards later in 2022, where winning dancers and teachers receive financial bursaries.


Entries are now closed.

Upon purchasing competitors’ tickets, teachers will receive an Eventbrite order confirmation which will include:

  • links to a secure dropbox folder.
  • a digital application form for teachers to complete on behalf of their competitor/s
  • a digital consent form that teachers will need to email for their parents/guardians to complete
  • a Vimeo link to the two free sequences for each category to teach your competitor/s in preparation for recording.
  • Spotify links for all tracks.

All free sequences have been choreographed by industry artists and vetted by our Modern Theatre Committee to be in line with the sections detailed in the 'entry criteria' section.

Video submission deadline is 16 May 2021.


Winners will be announced via video showreel and published on the Society's YouTube channel on 1 July 2022.

All competitors will receive a digital certificate of participation. Winner of each section will receive a certificate and bespoke medal.

Entry Criteria / Rules


11 - 14yrs on 1 September 2021

ISTD Grade 3 to 5 Modern standard (no higher)

Class content:

  • Set Grade 3 Warm Up to be performed by all competitors as a group.
  • Two unset contrasting sequences to be performed by all competitors individually – These sequences may include technical content and dance vocabulary steps from Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5.


15 - 18yrs on 1 September 2021

ISTD Grade 6 to Advanced 1 Modern standard (no higher)

Class content:

  • Grade 6 Warm Up to be performed by all competitors as a group.
  • Two unset contrasting sequences to be performed by all competitors individually – These sequences may include technical content and dance vocabulary steps from Grade 6, Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate.


Competitors will perform the Set Warm-Up twice ensuring all dancers can be seen on camera. If you have multiple competitors, please perform the warm-up in groups of 4 or 5 dependent on the studio size and rotate lines if required.
Once the warm-up is complete, competitors will perform Sequence 1, this can be practiced twice as a group and then competitors will then perform individually straightway. Repeat the same process for Sequence 2. This should be filmed as one continuous class rather than having any edits.

Videos must be submitted by ISTD teachers ONLY.

Competitors must take part from a studio only, supervised by an ISTD teacher and all personal items should be removed from view.

Any colour/style of dancewear is permitted but must be age appropriate. No logos branded or layered clothing.

If there are multiple competitors, it is recommended to have competitors in different colours and styles to readily identify them.

Suitable footwear required dependent on floor type. Bare feet, soft-soled jazz shoes, foot thongs & specialist dance socks are permitted.

Make-up – as appropriate for the age.

The integrity of the teacher is relied upon to ensure that the rules are followed by all participants to enable the smooth running of the recorded class.



Video Guidance

It is of paramount importance that the video is of good visual quality and that the music can be heard clearly. Videos of poor quality may affect the result of that entry.

Teachers to ensure that each competitor/s have an allocated number and that these MUST be worn on the front of the competitor’s dancewear throughout recording.

Please introduce each competitor to camera at the start of the recording so that they can be visibly identified.

Competitors must be visible throughout the entire recording. Competitors body and limbs must be clearly visible on the recording throughout.

Please ensure that the recording is one continuous recording with no edits.

Whether you use a Video Camera, DSLR Camera or Mobile Phone to record the video, please ensure the lens of the camera/phone is cleaned to avoid finger marks or dust.

Please check the camera settings are set to the highest resolution when filming.

Please record your video in “landscape” NOT “portrait”.

Please be aware of what is behind the competitor and in the video frame. If possible, have a clear, tidy studio/performance space, with no or minimal external noises when filming.

Please allow at least 3 seconds at the beginning of the video before the music and competitors commences, and do not stop recording until at least 3 seconds after the competitors have finished.

Video submissions must be clearly labelled as below:

TeacherNameISTDMembershipNumber_Section _total number of competitors

(section - would be either Junior or Senior)

For example  -   HarrietSpencer34691_Junior Section x 8

                           HarrietSpencer34691_Senior Section x 5




Health and Safety

Please ensure the floor is safe and the competitors and teacher are working within COVID safe measures.

Teachers should ensure their competitors are fully warmed up beforehand and perform the dances in a safe manner, which will not cause injury, ensuring the area chosen to dance is suitable and clear from any obstructions.

For safeguarding and security reasons it is preferable that teachers use a recording device with (preferably password protected) a memory card when recording.

If teachers choose to use a mobile device, the footage should be uploaded immediately to the secure Dropbox link provided by the ISTD, once the footage is transferred, this should be deleted from your device and not stored.

Upon submission of application on their competitor’s behalf, teachers are agreeing to the criteria set above and agree to adhere to health and safety regulations and the competitor rules.



Terms and Conditions

Principals and Teachers that are preparing pupils for the competition, are fully aware of and understand the competition rules. By purchasing tickets, teachers can confirm that competitors have read and agreed to the competition safety guidelines below:

  • Teachers to ensure that students have a suitable space to dance, move freely and to be clear of any obstacles and to adhere to all current COVID guidelines.
  • Teachers are responsible for their own pupils’ safety during this event
  • Teachers are responsible for Under 18s and will ensure that parent/guardian consent has been obtained for them to appear on the video submission, these competitors must be always supervised by an adult.

Upon entering competitors’ videos, teachers will have agreed on their competitor’s behalf, that media consent is given in perpetuity. Therefore, any video footage can be used by the ISTD for any promotional purposes at any time in the future on any marketing platform for any event.

The data received on the entry form will be kept securely and used for the purposes of administrating this event. After a reasonable time, this will be destroyed. No data will be shared with any person or group outside the ISTD.

ISTD will process your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. Please refer to our privacy policy which can be found in full here.

The ISTD accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to you, persons around, your property or your identity. Anyone competing at this event does so at their own risk.

The adjudicators and organisers decision are final.

The ISTD will not be held responsible for any person in breach of their current country/local COVID regulations.

The ISTD reserves the right to cancel or amend this event and the terms and conditions without notice. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the organiser.

Any complaint regarding this event must be submitted to the Head of Faculty Development in writing to to be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

We regret that no refunds are payable once tickets are purchased and payment is received.

Where the competitor tests positive for Covid-19, via a PCR or lateral flow test, and the period of compulsory self-isolation means they are unable to attend the recording of the classwork for submission by 16 May - a full credit note will be issued. Credit note is to be used within 24 months of the event date and refunds will not be issued.

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