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Entry Criteria

The Competition is open to all pupils of Society members who have previously taken an ISTD Medal Test, or intend on doing so in the near future. Age categories are as follows:

  • JUVENILE: 11 years and under, including Under 6 and Under 8 events.
  • JUNIORS: 12 - 15 years
  • ADULTS: 16 years and over. Split into the following groups 16-25, 26-40, 41-64, 65 & over.

All competitors must be entered by an ISTD teaching member. 

Competitors must have been trained and be partnered by teachers/assistants from the ISTD School entering them for the competition.

Competitors should enter the examination level they are currently working at. Teachers may use their discretion and enter pupils at a higher level due to the current restrictions on examinations imposed by the pandemic.

Competitors entering a ‘Newcomers’ event may enter this section only in the one dance events on the same day. Newcomers may enter this category a maximum of three times in each genre after which they must move to the relevant examination level.


Email for more information.


Rules and Awards

No late entries will be accepted.

Clothing & Make-up

BDC rules are used for clothing for juveniles.

Newcomer events are day dress ONLY, no practice or competitive wear is allowed.

Suitable footwear required for all competitors. 

Make-up should be appropriate for the age range.


Syllabus restrictions

Syllabus restrictions for 1 dance solo events in Ballroom and Latin:

  • Bronze and below competitors are restricted to the Bronze/ Associate Syllabus
  • Silver competitors are restricted to the Silver / Licentiate Syllabus
  • Gold Competitors are restricted to Gold / Fellowship Syllabus
  • Above Gold Juvenile are restricted to Gold/Fellowship Syllabus
  • Gold star & Awards are Open Syllabus with no restrictions

Syllabus restrictions for 2 dance solo events in Ballroom and Latin:

  • Juvenile competitors are restricted to Gold / Fellowship Syllabus
  • Junior and Adult Competitors are Open Syllabus with no restrictions

For Classical Sequence competitors:

  • Teachers are advised to study and follow the charts for each of the respective dances.


Finalists will receive medals and awards on the day. All prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the adjudicators.


Health and safety

Safe dance practice is paramount.

Dancers should ensure they are fully warmed up before competing with will enable them to perform in a safe manner, which will not cause injury.

Good floor craft from those partnering is expected.


Teachers will be notified of any COVID related restrictions or guidance nearer to the event date.

We will be closely following any government regulations keeping your safety at the forefront at all times.

We respectfully ask that you adhere to any additional requests.

Every effort will be made to hold this as a live competition at the venue. However, if any restrictions out of our control are subsequently put in place the committee reserves the right to move to an online format if necessary.

Terms and Conditions

Anyone competing in this event does so at their own risk. The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing will not accept any responsibility for any injury howsoever caused.

A media consent form must be completed.

By entering your competitors’, you have agreed on your competitors’ behalf, if they are selected as a winner or for any commendation, for their name and possibly footage of them dancing, may be used by the Society on our website and other media.

Upon submission of your application on your competitor’s behalf, you are agreeing to the criteria set above and that you agree to adhere to health and safety regulations and the competitor rules.

The adjudicators’ decision is final, individual feedback will not be provided.

The integrity of the teacher is relied upon to ensure that the rules are followed by all participants to enable the smooth running of the event.

The competition relies on a certain number of entries being received. If insufficient entries are received the competition may not be viable and in this case, entry fees will be returned. Competitors must be made aware of this by their teacher in advance. If the competition cannot take place teachers will be advised by email.

Enter now

Entry ticket sales have ended.

Once ticket orders have been received teachers will be sent the following:

School Competitor Registration spreadsheet. Please complete.
A Jot Form link to submit your school information and disclaimer form.
The running order for the events, assigned competitor numbers, and heats will be sent out a week prior to the competition. This will include category start times.

Email for more information.

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