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Sequence Medallist Festival 2019


Date: Sunday 9 Jun 2019 Start time: Doors Open 9.00am First Round 9.30am
Venue: West Park Leisure Centre, Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, NG10 4AA
Faculty: Sequence
Sequence Medallist Festival 2019

Event summary:

A day of sequence dance for all ages.

Event details:

Join the Sequence faculty for a busy day of events and competitions for those who have already qualified and those who are yet to qualify.


  Classical Modern & Latin
Starters Bars 1-8 Veleta Ballroom Waltz
Ragtime Swing  American Cha Cha Cha 
Under 8yrs Bars 1-8 Gainsborough Glide  Ballroom Quickstep
Bars 1-8 Boston Two Step Latin American Jive
SDT Empress Mazurka Kendray Quickstep
Saunter Together Rumba One
Pre Bronze Premier Two Step Caribbean Foxtrot
Bronze Midnight Tango Paso Espana
Silver & Above  Elizabethan Waltz Newchurch Waltz
Tango Solair Joop Jive

All events are mixed. The above competitions, with the exception of under 8yrs, will be held in the following five age divisions: Under 12 yrs, 12-15 yrs, 16-34 yrs, 35-49 yrs and 50 yrs & over.

Starter events are for those dancers not entering the three dance events. Both dances will be danced in the first round and final. One dance per round will be selected for all other rounds.


Juvenile Ragtime Swing
Junior Brazilian Samba
16-39 years Windsor Glide
40 years & over  Tango El Cid
Adult & Child Latin American Cha Cha Cha

Fylde Waltz, Waverley Two Step


Juvenile Empress Mazurka  Tango El Cid Rumba One
Junior La Mascotte Newchurch Waltz Paso Espana
Under 35  Premier Two Step  Arcadia Foxtrot Brazilian Samba
Over 35 Windsor Glide Caribbean Foxtrot  Joop Jive
Over 50 Elizabethan Waltz  Kendray Quickstep  Bellissimo Cha Cha Cha

3-dance events will be split into those competitors not yet qualified & those already qualified. Entry into the ‘not yet qualified’ is restricted to those who have not qualified for Grand Finals in any age category. Where a dancer has changed age category since qualifying, they must dance in the “Qualified” section in their new age group. If they reach the final in this new age category they will be eligible to dance at Grand Finals in either the new age group or the one in which they originally qualified but not both.

PLEASE NOTE: In all events, new technique will apply where applicable

Contact sequence@istd.org for entry details and tickets by Sunday 2nd June. Tickets £12.00

Scripts may be obtained from Martin & Sarah Bird at Brockbank Lane on 01295 262153 / info@bblane.co.uk

Photographer Robert Whetton will be capturing the action at the event. Please visit his website: http://www.rjwhetton.co.uk

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