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Examination Successes

We congratulate the following members of the Society who have achieved success in their qualifications as recorded by HQ.


Disco Freestyle

Robbyn Birnie (UK)
Eva Campbell (UK)
Alex Forster (UK)
Ellie Hawes (UK)
Ellena Holme (UK)
Aikaterini Koukouli (Greece)
Charlotte Sturmey (UK)
Hayley White (UK)

Imperial Classical Ballet

Brontë Hansen (Canada)
Rashaad Isa Baksh (Trinidad & Tobago)
Priya Pollard (Trinidad & Tobago)
Cassia Slager (Canada)

Latin American

Stephen Arnold (UK)
Sergiy Bondarenko (UK)
Justyna Gazda (UK)
Tomasz Gazda (UK)
Adam Kent (UK)
Mathilde Thiebault (UK)

Modern Ballroom

Helina Chin Lee (Trinidad & Tobago)
Lester Gerald Marin (Trinidad & Tobago)
Sarah Lee (UK)
Feddy Malcolm Williams (Trinidad & Tobago)
Yasmin Priestnall (UK)
Michelle Sherry-Ann Hernandez (Trinidad & Tobago)

Street Dance

Huw Elwyn Richards (UK)
Alex Forster (UK)
Lydia Thompson (UK)
Emma Victoria MacDonald (UK)
Ashleigh White (UK)

Tap Dance

Megan Doig (Canada) Lexie Ingoldsby (Canada)


Modern Theatre

Debra Arlette (Canada)


Disco Freestyle

Eve Graham (UK)
Michelle Postlethwaite (UK)
Dexi Rowland (UK)

Imperial Classical Ballet

Yuki Hosokawa (Japan)
Janine Konczak (Canada)

Latin American

Ting Fung Choi (Hong Kong)
Hung Cheong Ma (Hong Kong)
Sui Jun Tu (Hong Kong)
Kam Man Chong (Hong Kong)

Modern Ballroom

Georgia Charles-McIntyre (Trinidad & Tobago)
Artur Dabrowski (UK)
Claire Haine (UK)
Nicholas Kelly (UK)

Modern Ballroom Viennese Waltz

Shu Shing Poon (Hong Kong)

Modern Theatre

Jenna Rushton (UK)

National Dance

Kristie Seeley (UK)


Disco Freestyle

Victoria Cesar (UK)

Imperial Classical Ballet

Lisa Johannsen-Sawamura (Japan)
Jade Pritchard (UK)

Modern Ballroom

Sergio Brillhante (UK)
Elaine Hills (UK)
Ivana Ostrowski (UK)
Hau Shan Michel Wang (Hong Kong)
Sui Yin Victor Yeung (Hong Kong)
Sze Ying Yau (Hong Kong)

Modern Ballroom Viennese Waltz

Cheung Leung Chan (Hong Kong)
Sze Ying Yau (Hong Kong)
Sui Yin Victor Yeung (Hong Kong)


Due to integration of old and new examinations and learner record systems, DDI and DDE successes are not currently available for publication, but will be included in the next edition of DANCE


April – August 2018

January – March 2018

31st May – 7th July 2017

3rd February – 30th March 2017

2nd November 2016 – 2nd February 2017

2nd August – 1st November 2016

2nd May – 1st August 2016

2nd February - 1st May 2016

2nd November 2015 - 1st February 2016

2nd August - 1st November 2015

2nd May - 1st August 2015

2nd February - 1st May 2015

2nd November 2014 - 1st February 2015

2nd August - 1st November 2014

2nd May - 1st August 2014

2nd February – 1st May 2014

2nd November 2013 – 1st February 2014

2nd August – 1st November 2013

2nd May 2013 – 1st August 2013

2nd February 2013 – 1st May 2013

2nd Novemeber 2012 – 1st February 2013

2nd August 2012 – 1st November 2012

2nd May 2012 – 1st August 2012

2nd February 2012 – 1st May 2012

2nd November 2011 – 1st February 2012

2nd May 2011 – 1st August 2011

2nd August 2011 – 21st November 2011