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News from Around the Globe - December 2012

Fees Freeze

We appreciate that the economic downturn is continuing to affect many regions globally and in our constant aim to ensure that finance is not a barrier to young dancers and dance teachers continuing their ISTD training, the ISTD is happy to announce that we are freezing all international examinations fees for the next year. Prices will remain at current 2012 levels throughout 2013.

Intent to Enter Procedure

We would like to send out a big ‘Thank You’ to all teachers for their precious help and cooperation in implementing the Intent to Enter procedure globally.

We appreciate that teachers are very busy and that changes always take time to sink in and to implement, but we are here to help you and guide you through the process and we will keep emailing you a reminder approximately two weeks prior to the Intent to Enter deadline.

It is crucial that we hold current contact details for all our members, so please help us keep your information up-to-date by informing us of any changes so we can reflect these on our system.

We always welcome your views and opinions and we highly value your feedback, so please get in touch and share your thoughts with us.

For those of you who have missed these announcements over the past year, the Intent to Enter form is available on the ISTD website in the International Examinations section, so please go to www.istd.org/examinations/international-examinations to download it.

All teachers who wish to participate to an examination session will need to download this form, complete it and forward it to their Examinations Officer by email or fax no later than the Intent to Enter deadline that is stated alongside the examination dates for all countries.