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Examination Documents

Please find below relevant forms and documents to manage all aspects of examinations. Applications and timetables should be submitted through Quest, the ISTD's online examinations system.

Note that members have been sent information and log-in details for Quest, and there are easy-to-understand training videos and technical support contacts available within the system. However, if you need any assistance processing applications, timetabling, candidate entries or fee payments, please contact Georgina Bell or Danielle Wojtylo in the UK Examinations team.

Forms and Documents - Dancesport

Please find Dancesport specific documents at the bottom of this page.

Vocational Forms - Theatre

PINS / ID information - Theatre

Application for Candidate PIN

Additional Candidate/s Registration Sheet

ID info for candidates over 16 – New Procedure

Post 16 student ID application

Fees and Professional Forms - Theatre

Theatre Examination Fees

Statement of Physical Limitation

Professional Examination Application Form Licentiate and Fellowship

DDI DDE Dance & Vocational Examination Form

Centre Forms - Theatre

Centre Exams - Applications, Fees & Timetable Sheet 2018 

London Centre Supplement 2018 

Cancellation - Theatre 

Examination Cancellation Form

Examination Refund Form

Timesheets - Theatre 

Cecchetti Faculty Timesheet

Classical Greek Timesheet

Classical Indian Dance Timesheet

Enrico Cecchetti Diploma

Imperial Classical Ballet Timesheet

Modern Theatre Dance Timesheet

National Dance Timesheet

Tap Dance Timesheet


Imperial Ballet Uniform Guidelines

Documents for Dancesport  Examinations

Application / Timetable / Fee Information - Dancesport

Professional Examination Application Form Associate + Associate Diploma

Professional Examination Application Form Licentiate and Fellowship

Dancesport Time Allowance

Dancesport Entry Procedure

Dancesport Studio Examinations Fees

Time Allowances and London Centre Fees for all Dancesport Faculties

Professional Modular Qualifications - Dancesport

Candidate Registration for Professional Dancesport Modular Qualifications

Entry Information for Professional Dancesport Modular Qualifications

Peggy Spencer Legend Award - Dancesport

Peggy Spencer Legend Award Candidate Form

Peggy Spencer Legend Award Information