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Using the ISTD logo

Who can use the logo?

ISTD members, ISTD faculties and all ISTD departments.

Approved Dance Centres are also permitted to use a special logo in order to promote themselves as centres of dance teaching excellence.

When can the logo be used?

For publishing (print or web), promotional material, programmes, events or advertising. ISTD members may use the ISTD logo for the following:


  • School or personal business website
  • Facebook page
  • Blog page
  • Email newsletter

In Print

  • Headed paper
  • Business cards
  • Complimentary slips
  • Pull-up or display banners
  • Window stickers or displays
  • School signage such as posters
  • Advertisements (in print or online) 

Please note that only current ISTD members may use the ISTD logo, so please bear this in mind when printing items which may be used for more than one year, such as external signage or banners for your school. 

The ISTD logo is intended to help members promote their association with the Society and may be used on promotional items such as those listed. It is NOT intended for use on official school or personal administrative documents, such as invoices.

If you are unsure about whether the ISTD logo is appropriate for use on a certain item or to check that the logo you have is the most current version, please contact us to check. 

Please click here to download the ISTD Brand Guidelines.

ISTD Brand Guidelines 2014

Contact us

If you have an questions about the logo, how or when you should use it, please contact our in-house design team:

Tamsin Moore (Monday to Wednesday)
Design & Publications Manager