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Cecchetti Centre Comes to Glasgow

20 December 2017

By Rachel Thomas

Up in Glasgow we’re a long train ride away from the Cecchetti Centre in London, so we were honoured, this November, to receive a visit from Cara Drower – Fellow of the ISTD and highly respected member of the Cecchetti Faculty Committee – for a course exploring the essential components of the DDE teaching examination. The day began bright and early with an Intermediate syllabus class, in which we were delighted to learn from Cara’s expertise on the technique and principles of Cecchetti classical ballet, and how best to realise these in our own dancing. Our focus then shifted to an exploration of teaching practice, starting with a session on the build-up of movements through the Cecchetti method. As well as honing our knowledge of the syllabus, this led to a detailed discussion about the ways in which we might promote good technique and correct common faults in students. Then, after lunch, Cara led a fascinating class on music and its potential to enhance ballet technique and performance, complemented by wonderful and inventive playing from our pianist for the day, Andrew Brown. The course ended with some time spent reviewing the content and structure of the Cecchetti teaching examinations, with each of us hugely inspired by what we had learned during the day, and excited to continue our training.

Rachel Thomas

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