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Congratulations to all the National Grand Finals Winners

Congratulations to all the National Grand Finals Winners

13 December 2017

Dancers from all over the country have been competing throughout 2017 for a place to dance at the prestigious Grand Finals held in Guildford, on the 8th October.

Congratulations to everyone who took part this year, the results are detailed below.

Set Dance

Under 6 

1st Harriet Bevan 393 Joanna Bevan

2nd Liberty Thomson-Young 396 Robine Young

3rd Macy Kelsey 585 Stacey Kirby

4th Elise Carter 594 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

5th Lois Poole 400 Zoe Tomlins

6th Amelia Edwards 593 Christine Edwards 

Under 8

1st Lyla-Jo stavrakas 270 Donna White

2nd Ella Norton 273 Andrea Knowles

3rd Jacob Jones 237 Donna White

4th Sophie Bowyer 293 Ronnie Walford

5th Sophia Smith 245 Stacey Kirby

6th Tammie-Mai Johnston 264 Carolyn Roberts

Under 10 SDT

1st Holly Bunter 469 Andrea Knowles

2nd Zoe Bransby 618 Shona Clack

3rd Eve Littlechild 607 Carolyn Roberts 

4th Zoe Jordison 474 Gayle Henry

5th Jessica Mulcahy 468 Andrea Knowles

6th Hannah Alami 465 Rachel Glen 

7th Isla Dowse 639 Christine Edwards 

Under 10 PBT

1st Ruby Allen 668 Jennifer Zurek 

2nd Katie Massey 644 Joanna Bevan 

3rd Raela-Belle Farndale 670 Dexi Rowland 

4th Jemina Roadnight 630 Donna White 

5th Elise Clark 684 Donna White 

6th Madison Edwards 678 Pat Lait 

Under 12 SDT

1st Mia Sewsarran 447 Michelle Bradford

2nd Joella-Joleigh Cole 356 Carolyn Roberts 

3rd Grace Garner 463 Louise Flitney 

4th Lacey Rayner 459 Katie Gooch

5th Tia Busharaia-Barnes 366 Andrea Knowles 

Under 12 PBT

1st Ruby Potter 493 Laura Rampton

2nd Isabella Miles 481 Victoria Hughes

3rd Kieran Stratfull 498 Janet Mc Donnell 

4th Christina Matsukatova 484 Amanda Hughes 

5th Emma Eltze 489 Joanna Bevan 

6th Kristyna Kovarova 510 Zoe Tomlins 

Under 14 Bronze & Below

1st Isabella Dewell 553 Claire Blome 

2nd Georgia Newman 559 Carolyn Roberts 

3rd Jenna Moffatt 548 Carolyn Roberts 

4th Imogen Cowell 551 Ronnie Walford 

5th Jodie Campbell 550 Kirsty Warren/Emma Mannion 

6th Poppy McEwan 566 Louise Flitney 

Over 14 Bronze & Below

1st Ella Sewsarran 405 Michelle Bradford 

2nd Leah Mansfield 403 Katie Gooch

3rd Megan Gormley 416 Janet McDonnell

4th Molly Lane 419 Victoria Hughes

5th Lucy Povall 420 Jonathan Reed

6th Sandra Blyskal 426 Paul Streatfield 

Under 12 Bronze & Silver 

1st Tamsin Hinson 655 Joanna Bevan

2nd Grace Hunt 667 Joanna Bevan 

3rd Abigail Wadsworth 672 Amanda Hughes

4th Sinead Briggs 656 Bonnie Briggs 

5th Maddie Bedford 670 Dexi Rowland 

Under 14 Silver/Gold

1st Taylor Jacques 588 Kirsty Warren/Emma Mannion

2nd Kitty Butler 650 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

3rd Emma Palmer 647 Laura Rampton

4th Maddy Twomey 641 Joanna Bevan

5th Grace O'Connor 642 Donna White

6th Chloe Slade 597 Christine Edwards 

7th Abby Morrison 649 Zoe Tomlins

Over 14 Silver/Gold 

1st Corey Moore 674 Carol Gayle

2nd Rebecca Johns 671 Bonnie Briggs

3rd Thomas Daly 663 Liz Young

4th Preeya Gardner 688 Carolyn Roberts

5th Rebecca Parr 656 Claire Haynes

6th Holly Henry 689 Gail Henry

7th Rosie Burgess 667 Laura Rampton 

Under 12 Gold & Above

1st India Taylor 755 Claire Haynes

2nd Ingrid Gregory 764 Christine Edwards 

3rd Sydney Tabor 768 Andrea Knowles 

4th Diaz Jelliff 757 Stacey Kirby

5th Emily Harris 766 Dexi Rowland 

6th Sophia Kerslake 766 Stacey Kirby 

Under 14 Gold Star Awards 

1st Becky Lyon 775 Stacey Kirby 

2nd Madeline Barrett 778 Andrea Knowles

3rd Sasha Dempsey 788 Bonnie Briggs

4th Mia Simpson 792 Kirsty Warren/Emma Mannion

5th Reenee Mortimer 790 Dexi Rowland 

6th Lea Dawkins 776 Stacey Kirby 

Under 16 Gold Star Awards

1st Alana Rixon 473 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

2nd Erin Bailey 441 Bobbie Ainsley 

3rd Sophie Surtees 467 Andrea Knowles

4th Molly Butler 448 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

5th Ashleigh White 458 Donna White 

6th Lottie Day 461 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

Over 16 Gold Star Awards 

1st Rosie Montague 700 Donna White 

2nd Zoe Johnston 752 Amanda Hughes 

3rd Kaitland Baker 704 Amanda Hughes 

4th Jamie Young 765 Liz Young

5th Eva Terziyski 762 Amanda Hughes 

6th Rebecca Freeman 742 Claire Blome

7th Kirby Scarth 740 Laura Rampton 

Over 25 All Grades

1st Kerry Tokley 695 Laura Rampton 

2nd Hayley White 688 Laura Rampton 

3rd Toni Tarling 685 Robine Young

4th Sarah Wilson 684 Michelle Arnell 

5th Lucy Bennet 693 Katie Gooch

6th Julie Baldock 689 Donna White 

Rock n Roll

Under 8 

1st Ava Dalby & Abbie Scott 483 Katie Gooch

2nd Amber Armstrong & Nora Stromme 485 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

3rd Abigail Eltze & Summer Paris-Heath 490 Joanna Bevan

4th Tammie-Mai Johnston & Finley-Walkinshaw 494 Carolyn Roberts 

5th Alana Dibden & Amelie Shane 498 Christine Edwards 

6th Dollie Wall & Sophia Smith 495 Stacey Kirby 

Under 10 SDT/PBT

1st Tamsin Hinson & Erin Sibley  401 Joanna Bevan

2nd Evie Kirby & Sapphire Fabian-Lovely 429 Christine Edwards 

3rd Ella Turk & Jasmine Knight 421 Zoe Tomlins 

4th Tayla Gerrard & Holly Bunter 427 Andrea Knowles

5th Katie Massey & Lillie-Maude Heath 410 Joanna Bevan 

6th Elise Clark & Jemima Roadnight 418 Donna White 

7th Alana Thorpe & Dee O'Shea 414 Katie Gooch

8th Ella Stanton & Lia Armstrong 406 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

Under 12 SDT/PBT 

1st Sophie Eltze & Emma Eltze 442 Joanna Bevan 

2nd Grace Hunt & Maddie Ward 430 Joanna Bevan 

3rd Alexandra Hill & Lexie Wilshere 434 Zoe Tomlins 

4th Matilda Lefevre & Honey Harris 450 Katie Gooch

5th Laura Summerfield & Caia Stockdale 441 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

6th Megan Hooper & Sophie Gee 446 Zoe Tomlins 

Under 14 Bronze & Below

1st Arianna Prosser & Flora Jones 448 Joanna Bevan 

2nd Fern Curtis-Brown & Ruby Horne 493 Claire Blome 

3rd Emillie Howard & Maddie Howard 483 Ronnie Walford

4th Isabella Tobin & Megan Kalro 476 Joanna Bevan 

5th Grace Collins & Emily Adams 479 Claire Blome 
Over 14 Bronze & Below

1st Anna Wilkinson & Amy Taylor 531 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

2nd Alana Rixon & Natasha Randle 522 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

3rd Isabelle Gomm & Tierney Wells 528 Janet McDonnell

4th Carly Gower & Paris Lands 525 Katie Gooch

5th Adam Turner & Holly Wort 535 Christine Edwards 

6th Evie Thomas & Mathilde Stromme 523 Yvonne Taylor-Hill 

Under 12 Bronze/Silver 

1st Abigail Wadsworth & Christina Matsukatova 459 Amanda Hughes 

2nd Scarlet Fearn & Tilly Leach 457 Katie Gooch

3rd Macy Wright & Jessica-Mai Calladine 461 Dexi Rowland 

4th Bethany Smith & Mia Bowen 463 Andrea Knowles 

5th Bradley Fleming & Tiffany Taylor 456 Bonnie Briggs

6th Keira Driver & Katie Shaw 458 Katie Gooch

7th Rosie Andrews & Rosina Wood 455 Bonnie Briggs

Under 14 Silver/Gold 

1st Maddy Twomey & Imogen Stead 512 Joanna Bevan 

2nd Chloe Slade & Ellie Philps 516 Christine Edwards 

3rd Cara Gerrard & Chloe Simon 509 Andrea Knowles

4th Alysha Lockyer & Gemma Alexander 507 Donna White

5th Mea Cowens & Emmine Steere 515 Dexi Rowland 

6th Hatty Daly & Anna Gulliver 508 Shona Clack

Under 12 Gold & Above

1st Diaz Jelliff & Scarlett Fabian-Lovely 470 Stacey Kirby

2nd Dolly Harmer & Ria Clarke 468 Stacey Kirby 

3rd Ruby Sheehan & Emily Harris 472 Dexi Rowland 

4th Ingrid Gregory & Tawnie Murphy 469 Christine Edwards 

5th Grace Hickman & Mya-Grace Helbert 473 Bonnie Briggs 

Under 16 Silver/Gold

1st Summer Moxham & Olivia Scott 539 Donna White 

2nd Chloe Fricker & Emily Fudge 541 Andrea Knowles

3rd Lauren Paskin & Charlotte Freeman 544 Shona Clack

4th Nadine Teggin & Charlotte Ayling-Jennison 540 Andrea Knowles

5th Skie Nelson & Poppy Barnham 547 Carolyn Roberts

Over 16 Silver/Gold

1st Molly Butler & Kitty Butler 568 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

2nd Tonicha Matthison & Demi Christodoulou 567 Katie Gooch

3rd Ruby Payne & Rachel Saxon 564 Claire Blome 

4th Abigail Ward & Emma Barratt 566 Kirsty Warren/Emma Mannion 

5th Thomas Daly & Maeya 565 Liz Young 

Under 16 Gold Star Awards 

1st Daisy Powell & Alisha McLoughlin 562 Christine Edwards 

2nd Emily Merrett & Lizzie Williams 561 Andrea Knowles 

3rd Tori Rowland & Reenee Mortimer 553 Dexi Rowland 

4th Erin Bailey & Zara Tree 552 Bobbie Ainsley

5th Cally Warren & Becky Lyon 557 Stacey Kirby 

Over 16 Gold Star Awards 

1st Georgia Monk & Kirby Scarth 579 Laura Rampton 

2nd Grace Beckett & Lottie Day 586 Yvonne Taylor-Hill

3rd Ryan Cockerline & Hannah Isted 584 Katie Gooch 

4th Eva Terziyski & Mia Pugsley 578 Amanda Hughes 

5th Jasmine Dunn & Hannah Dunn 580 Pat Lait

6th Kelsey McCormick & Jasmine Hitchins 576 Donna White

7th Jamie Young & Kacey-Marie Harrison 589 Liz Young

Over 25 

1st Michelle Bird & Fleur White 594 Jonathan Reed

2nd Sarah Wilson & Ashley Arnell 596 Michelle Arnell 

3rd Carrie French & Victoria Rose 593 Claire Haynes

4th Alison Manley & Caroline Rose 592 Claire Haynes 

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