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Emma Matthews at MOVE IT 2011

Emma Matthews at MOVE IT 2011

26 March 2012

I received an email from the MOVE IT team in summer 2011 about a competition they were holding to find new members for their Line Up for 2012.

I think MOVE IT is a fantastic event. It’s a brilliant way of getting new people involved in dance as well as giving dancers great opportunities to further their dancing careers and try out new dance styles.

It was just a few questions to answer so I thought I’d give it a go. I had got nothing to lose by entering and I’d love to be involved in one of the biggest dance festivals in the UK!

I didn’t think I’d been chosen as weeks passed before I heard anything but then I received a phone call from Harriet Capps at MOVE IT asking me if I’d like to represent Ballroom dancers, Latin dancers and dance teachers in the MOVE IT Line Up for 2012. I was over the moon! She asked if I could go to London for the photo shoot and to meet the rest of the line up and I of course said yes.

I travelled up to London for the shoot the following week, having had my hair and nails done and with a bag full of gorgeous skirts and accessories kindly loaned to me by DSI. I was greeted by Harriet and Dan from MOVE IT who were both absolutely lovely and introduced me to the rest of the line up. It was wonderful to meet with other dancers who are as passionate about dancing as I am but through different genres. 

We all had a choice of music and took it in turns to dance in front of the camera in our different outfits. Considering there were only 10 of us the atmosphere was fantastic, with everyone supporting each other and mesmerized by the others’ dancing. After we’d all danced solo we had our group shots which were very amusing, especially when we all had to jump and even being dancers didn’t manage to all jump together at the same time. It was great to talk to them all and find out about their dancing journeys. It’s strange how we are all so different yet have similar goals within the same industry.

I opened my DANCE magazine last month only to find a giant picture of myself on the first page advertising MOVE IT! It was a bit of a shock!

A few weeks later I received an email asking me to teach three classes at MOVE IT 2012. I feel honoured to have been asked and I’m busy planning my lessons and music for the big event.

I am very thankful to the ISTD for awarding me a Phyllis Haylor Scholarship in 2010. It has had a huge positive impact on my career and I would advise any Associates to go for it! After winning the Phyllis Haylor Scholarship in 2010 I had a very busy 2011. I took my Licentiate Ballroom exam in June, my Licentiate Latin exam in October and my Licentiate Viennese Waltz exam in December. I am also very honoured to have been asked to lecture at Worthing Congress in 2011 and 2012. 

I am very thankful to my teacher, Julie Tomkins, my mum, Sue Matthews and my aunt, Rosemary Watson for all the help and support they give me.

Emma Matthews

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