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Equivalence of QTLS and QTS

Equivalence of QTLS and QTS

24 April 2012

Excellent news for ISTD teachers teaching in further education.

The UK Department for Education has confirmed that, from 1st April 2012, further education teachers who have been awarded Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status by the Institute for Learning (IfL) and are members of the IfL will be recognised as qualified teachers in schools, without any further induction requirements and without the need to apply to the Teaching Agency for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). This will allow them to be appointed to permanent posts in state maintained schools in England and they will be paid on the qualified teachers’ pay scale. They will continue to be recognised as qualified school teachers providing they remain a member of the IfL.

Please note that schools and local authorities will remain responsible for decisions on employing QTLS holders, and IfL will maintain the national register of QTLS holders, including those teaching in schools.

The Institute for Learning (IfL)

The IfL is the independent professional body for teachers, tutors, trainers and student teachers in the further education and skills sector. The role of IfL is to support professional development and excellence. All teachers and trainers working in publicly funded further education and skills provision are required to register as members of IfL, undertake CPD each year and abide by the IfL Code of Professional Practice.

What is Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status?

QTLS status is the legislative requirement for teachers wishing to practice in the further education and skills sector. QTLS is conferred by the IfL through professional formation. Professional formation is the post-qualification process by which a teacher demonstrates, through the evidence of professional practice, the ability to effectively use the skills and knowledge acquired whilst training to be a teacher and the capacity to meet the occupational standards required of a teacher:

The time taken to complete professional formation and achieve QTLS status will be determined by the individual circumstances of the teacher, for example, length of experience, full-time, part-time, fractional or sessional role and in-service training.

What does this mean for ISTD teachers?

This is excellent news for ISTD teachers who have completed their Level 5 Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS), or who are in the process of completing either their DTLLS or the ISTD Level 6 Diploma in Dance Pedagogy. This opens up opportunities for teaching in a variety of sectors, both private and public.

For those considering teaching the public sector, you should think about applying for the Level 6 Diploma in Dance Pedagogy. This vocational dance teaching qualification is regulated at Level 6 of the Qualifications and Credit Framework and has been recognised by the IfL as covering the requirements of the DTLLS. So you will not need to take the DTLLS as an additional qualification and on completion, you can move straight to professional formation. On completion, you can also apply Licentiate membership of the ISTD in the relevant genre. For more information about the qualification, please click here 

For more information

Please visit the IfL website  and the Department for Education website for full details.

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