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Happy New Year from Your New DFR Chair

Happy New Year from Your New DFR Chair

1 January 2018

Paul Streatfield wishes you all the best

The last term of 2016 saw some changes within the DFR Faculty Committee. I was honoured to be elected Chair of the new committee, which began in September 2017. However, the biggest change is that Yvonne Taylor Hill, Patsy Graham and Rachel Wadey have decided to stand down from committee work. I would very much like to thank these three for being so dedicated to their roles within the Faculty and for giving up so much of their precious time to ISTD business. I for one enjoyed every meeting working alongside them and learning from their expertise. I’m sure you will join me in wishing them much happiness for the future and in the knowledge that the new committee will continue to uphold all the amazing work that has been established during their time.

I would like to introduce the new committee. I have two valuable Vice Chairs, Maria Howse and Nigel Kirk, both examiners with many years of experience on this Faculty along with committee members Jonathan Reed and newly appointed Julia Westlake and Michelle Arnell, and Faculty Co-ordinator, Penny Childs. Together we make a great team of busy, active teachers. With forward thinking and planning I know this committee will continue to lead the way for a bright and healthy future for our members in Freestyle, Rock ’n’ Roll, Street Dance and Country and Western.

On behalf of the DFR Faculty Committee I would sincerely like to wish you and your families a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year.

Paul Streatfield, Faculty Chair

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