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  1. My Dance Story

    My Dance Story

    07 Apr
    Sharon Skolnek shares her experiences of taking up ballet as a mature student
  2. Crystal Ballet

    Crystal Ballet

    06 Apr
    A new digital portal to the world of ballet
  3. What Is It All For?

    What Is It All For?

    02 Apr
    Lyn Richardson reports
  4. Helen Wingrave Award Winners

    Helen Wingrave Award Winners

    31 Mar
    Nagisa Inoue and Kristie Seeley report on their valuable experiences on the 2015 National Dance Summer School
  5. A Thank You to Judith Hockaday

    A Thank You to Judith Hockaday

    29 Mar
    Jackie Barnes reports
  6. Margaret Edgecombe, FISTD Classical Greek Dance (1926–2014)

    Margaret Edgecombe, FISTD Classical Greek Dance (1926–2014)

    29 Mar
    Friends and fellow teachers pay tribute
  7. Modular examinations announced!

    Modular examinations announced!

    29 Mar
    The Modern Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence faculties are extremely pleased to announce that a PILOT scheme for Modular Examinations for all three faculties will be launched in April 2016
  8. The Murielle Ashcroft Award

    The Murielle Ashcroft Award

    28 Mar
    Congratulations to Christina Ballard on receiving this Award
  9. Finding Inspiration

    Finding Inspiration

    28 Mar
    The first in a series of articles featuring ISTD members who have found fresh inspiration for their teaching through research
  10. Cecchetti Summer Schools 2016

    Cecchetti Summer Schools 2016

    28 Mar
    Summer training with the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Faculty
  11. Music for Tap Exams

    Music for Tap Exams

    28 Mar
    Set syllabus CDs
  12. Sho Shibata

    Sho Shibata

    24 Mar
    An interview with one of our ISTD Council members
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