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ISTD Benevolent Fund

ISTD Benevolent Fund

4 January 2011

How you can play your part!

Gillian Farr (in a handmade Polynesian headdress)As you will know if you have been following her fascinating stories in DANCE magazine over the past year, Gillian Farr is sailing around the world in aid of the ISTD Benevolent Fund. We hope that her inspirational trip will inspire you to make your own fundraising efforts for this good cause by raising money at your next school function. The Benevolent Fund is for the benefit of all ISTD members, offering support for the future in times of need. We have some attractive Benevolent Fund sashes available for raffle ticket sellers, so if you’re planning a raffle and would like to borrow them, please contact me at annelingard@aol.com. 

Anne Lingard 

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