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Marjorie Davies Star Tap Awards

Marjorie Davies Star Tap Awards

22 March 2013

The Junior and Senior heats were held at Cecil Sharp House in London on Sunday 17th February and the finalists and class prize awards are listed below. The Finals and Premier sections will take place on 7th April at Cecil Sharp House.

Class prize

Alexandra Short (Angela Allport)

Genevieve Wateridge
(Sally Johnson)

Alex Green (Emma Felton)

Junior Finalists
Isabella Fernandez (Donna Claffey)
Diana-Louise Towe (Elise Byng)
Sophie Baverstock (Sally Johnson)
Felicity Martin (Beth Glennie)
Sophie Sykes (Tracey Moss)
Lois Davies (Catherine Ingram)
Lowri Hughes (Sarah Watson)
Emily Newman (Deborah Norris)
Mia Charlton (Michelle Appleby)
Amy Gordon (Sarah Watson)
Jude Ireland (Jody Squirrell)

Class prize, class 1

Grace Haynes (Beth Glennie)

Class prize, class 2
Jade Byng & Katie McPhee (Elise Byng, Tracey & Gemma Summerscales)

Runner-up, class 1
Rosie Howell (Jo Scanlon & Katy Colegrove)

Runner-up, class 2
Megan Betteridge (Hayley Sexton)

Senior Finalists
Amy Page (Tracey & Gemma Summerscales)
Libby Kenley (Sally Johnson)
Sophie Wathen (Jo Scanlon/Julie Wathen)
Millie Collyer (Tracey & Gemma Summerscales)
Amelia Roberts (Sally Johnson)
Kitty Williams (Alison Wakefield)
Holly Wakefield (Jody Squirrell)
Brooke Rumbold (Sally Johnson)
Charlotte Saunders (Alison Wakefield)
Charlotte Payne (Sarah Watson)
Joshua Wakefield (Alison Wakefield)

Junior Finalists

Senior Finalists

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